Alternative Treatment to Bunion Surgery

  May 9th 2015    Blog

Do you know About Bunion?

It is called an enlargement of a joint which exists at the base of the big toe and this joint is called (the metatarsophalangeal or MTP joints) in medical terms. The enlargement occurs when your bone or tissue goes out of its natural place. Your toe gets curved awkwardly, which paves a way for large bone lump to emerge. And if you leave it untreated then bunions would get more worsen and cause you pain which you will not be able to tolerate even for a second.  It has chances to occur on the outside area of the toe as well.

How Does It Emerge?

It emerges when your tendons and joints of the foot contain the extra pressure, which weakens your joints and gets dysfunctional. If your MTP joints contain pressure for several years then it would lead it to have an abnormal movement or to bunions. It occurs because of bad foot growth which has the chances to be genetic. Behind having bunions you might have bad walking habits, bad quality shoes and some other reasons. Women are at high risk of getting bunions as it has been seen that mostly women wear tight shoes which compresses the toes. If you come across a foot injury, congenital disorders and neuromuscular injury then you have hazardous chances to have bunions. Flat foot and having a low arch are the problems which are predecessor to bunions, it happens because of worst arthritis or inflammation of joints.  You get an irritation and cons on your feet because of an overlap of your first and second toes, which at last lead to bunions. Poor and bad movement of a big toe is also the factor that can lead to bunions.

You Can Have Non-Surgical Treatment for Bunions

You are mostly suggested to have a surgery for bunions. But you should keep in mind that surgery of bunions often leaves side effects in your feet, which further leads to another injury. It is seen that surgeons take help of X-RAY to identify the main area of producing pain, which is not successful.  And another demerit of surgery is that it does not improve the weakened condition of ligaments in your foot. Not only that, it also does not remove the chronic pain which you experience.

There is another practice of a modern medication which is to use steroids or to suggest anti-inflammatory medications to you. And if you examine it then you will find that it has more to do with damaging your health than to remove your injury.  It has been seen that cortisone shots and anti-inflammatory drugs produce pain relief for the lesser period of time, but they both come up with giving you loss of function or even chronic pain stopping the healing procedure of soft tissues and it also accelerates degeneration of cartilage.  The usage of these drugs for a longer period of time would lead to more causes of chronic pain.

Prolotherapy to Bunions

The focus in bunions should be to improve the condition of weak ligaments that produces the bone movement and extra growth of bone with prolotherapy.  You need to keep in mind that it does not finish the toe’s abnormality but it definitely removes the pain.  It surely removes the pain as it attacks the area which produces the pain.  Prolotherapy strengthens tissues and gives long period pain relief, which makes it good alternative to bunion surgery.