Amniofix Injection; An Advanced Regenerative Medicine Therapy

  December 20th 2019    
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Human amniotic membrane allograft; AmnioFix contains natural growth or healing factors, which helps to modulate inflammation, reduce the formation of scar tissue, and enhance healing.

What is an AmnioFix Injectable Treatment?

AmnioFix Injectable Treatment is an all-natural injection treatment, especially designed for soft tissue injuries of ankle and foot. The basic of AmnioFix Treatment is depends on the science of stem cell therapy and is evolve through the amniotic membrane tissue of donated placenta. AmnioFix Injectable Treatment contains powerful mesenchymal stem cells and offers a good alternative for patients who do not want a surgery or steroid injections for their soft tissue injury. This treatment is best for those patients who have not found relief through other treatment options including physical therapy, pain medicines and other.

Growth factors present in AmnioFix

Almost 285 regulatory proteins have been identified in AmnioFix Injectable Treatment, which include growth factors, specialized cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors. Among them some important growth factors are:
• Transforming Growth Factor Beta, also known as TGF-B
• Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF
• Platelet Derived Growth Factor A & B, called as PDGF AA & BB

Why AmnioFix treatment is best option?

Amniotic tissue is the part of soft tissue injuries treatment since early 1900s. Amniotic membrane has been the interesting subject for many scientists due to:
• Inflammation modulation
• Reduce formation of scar tissue
• Promotes healing
• It serves as a barrier membrane

About the procedure

How to prepare for an injection?

First of all, your consultation with doctor will be scheduled to determine if AmnioFix Injectable Treatment is a viable treatment option for you or not. The process is generally performed on an outpatient basis and is very short.

How do you care for injection site?

The injection site may be tender to the touch and appear red. You can elevate and apply ice as required.
For two to three days, the procedure might cause some soreness and discomfort. After that you start experiencing relief.

What happens after AmnioFix injection?

For AmnioFix Injectable Treatment to work properly, your doctor may prescribe some rehabilitation exercises for you. It is extremely important that you follow the doctor’s post-treatment care.

Outcomes of AmnioFix treatment

If Anti-inflammatory medicines and rest fails to heal inflammation resulting from an injury then additional treatment is needed, your doctor may recommend AmnioFix Injectable Treatment. AmnioFix contains those naturally occurring agents which are necessity to promote healing, modulate inflammation, and reduce scar tissue formation.
The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center offers patients a wide range of treatments to increase the longevity, fight the symptoms of aging, and optimize quality of life through revolutionary regenerative medicine, and other advanced treatments.
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