Amniotic Stem Cells; New Prospective Of Regenerative Medicine!

  October 4th 2019    
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Amniotic stem cells are the mixture of stem cells obtained from the amniotic fluid and the amniotic membrane. Like other stem cells they can develop into various tissue types including skin, cartilage, cardiac tissue, nerves, muscle, and bone. These stem cells can extract from the amniotic sac by the process of amniocentesis which occurs without harming the embryos. Amniotic stem cell injection is therefore using to treat various diseases.

Uses of amniotic stem cell injection:

Amniotic stem cell injection has been successfully using in number of human diseases. The diseases list in which this amniotic stem cell injection is useful includes the following;
• Osteoarthritis
• Soft tissue or intra-articular injuries including meniscus and cartilage
• Achilles tears
• Epicondylitis
• Tendon or ligament tears
• Sacroiliac pain
• Joint pain in the knee, shoulder, fingers, wrist, ankles or toes
• Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow
• Rotator Cuff Injuries
• Wound healing
• Hip pain
• Neck pain
• Low back pain

Why use amniotic stem cells?

Amniotic derived stem cells have some unique properties due to which amniotic stem cell injection is beneficially using in multiple disease conditions. These properties are;
• Amniotic stem cells can develop into many different types of tissues such as skin, cartilage, cardiac, nerves, muscle, and bone so it is useful in the treatment of various diseases.
• Amniotic stem cells have the potential medical applications, especially in organ regeneration.
• These cells have been used as a diagnostic tool for the prenatal diagnosis of fetal genetic anomalies or abnormalities.
• These stem cells can also harbor a therapeutic potential for several human diseases.
• Amniotic fluid contains anti-inflammatory and anti-adhesion properties, which work wonders to heal joint, muscular, or skeletal injuries.
• Amniotic stem cells have the ability to prevent scar tissue forming and restrict further damaging affected areas.

Benefits of using amniotic stem cell injection:

Amniotic stem cell injection is a very safe and effective method.
• There is no risk of rejection in the patient.
• Amniotic stem cells contain the growth factors that help to stimulate tissue growth, stem cell activity and naturally reduce inflammation.
• Amniotic stem cells also contain hyaluronic acid, which acts as a lubricant and promotes cartilage growth.

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