Applicable Non-Surgical Alternatives to Knee Surgery

  March 9th 2019    Blog

In case you’re thinking whether an invasive surgery is extremely the best choice for you, you’re not the only one. A large number of Americans suffer from knee and joint pain each year. For a large portion of them, knee surgery is a practical and feasible alternative.
On the other hand, there are numerous alternatives to knee surgery in order to deal with knee pain that doesn’t include an invasive procedure that requires a very long time to heal. Underneath are applicable non-surgical alternatives to knee surgery in order to deal with knee pain.

Weight Loss Treatment

It is a fact that weight plays a huge part in the amount of pressure that is placed on the knee and other joints. Did you realize that even simply being 10 pounds overweight drives towards an increase of 30 to 60 pounds of weight on the knees when you walk?
As the weight upsurges so too will the damage and pain on the knee. In this case, a healthy exercise and weight reduction routine ought to be the first alternative prior to driving into major surgery. Furthermore, on the off chance that despite everything you choose surgery then, the healthy routine will enable you to recuperate faster.

Physical Therapy

Contingent upon the reason for knee pain, physical therapy can turn out to be a powerful and practical choice. By means of physical therapy, you will figure out how to fortify the surrounding ligaments and muscles. This enables them to take on a greater part of the work, which implies you will experience less inflammation and pain during the day.
Similarly, the therapist will regularly give heating and cooling therapeutic choices to help you deal with the pain.


One of the alternatives to knee surgery is injection. The most well-known injection is hyaluronic acid. This works in a way to lubricate the knee joint and improve mobility. On the other hand, PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma) are demonstrating appealing outcomes in cases of knee pain.
As per the conducted results, various knee injections helped patients discover relief from pain for about four years. Patients that just had one set of injections averaged pain relief for around six months.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is another alternative to knee surgery that is picking up traffic. Stem cell therapy works in a way to stimulate soft tissue growth and assist the body to heal itself naturally. Stem cells are now being utilized to oversee many degenerative conditions, for example:
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Osteoarthritis And More
As per the increasing research, stem cell therapy is rapidly turning into a compelling treatment alternative for a huge number of people. However, it is advisable to converse with the doctor to check whether stem cell therapy is a practical alternative to knee surgery.

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