Are you afraid of a hip replacement surgery? Looking for some alternatives? Here you go with the best possible alternatives to hip replacement surgery

  December 6th 2017    Blog

It’s no doubt that severe hip arthritis can cause debilitating pain and uneasiness. Several patients having these severe symptoms of hip arthritis will lead them to undergo a total hip replacement surgery. Though for total hip replacement we cannot say it is free of risks, and hence many patients wish if there are alternative to hip replacement surgeries
Some alternatives to hip replacement you can consider
Non surgical therapy

Not having a surgery is at all times a choice. A hip replacement surgery is never mandatory option rather it is a choice subjected to if the time is right for you. There are a number of non surgical therapies that you can opt as an alternative to hip replacement surgery. Among these are, Physical therapy, walking aids, anti inflammatory medications and steroid injections
Hip resurfacing

Hip resurfacing serves as an alternative to traditional hip replacement for the patients with severe arthritis. The hip resurfacing therapy is getting popular among younger patients. The hip resurfacing is carried out by a small implant and the normal bone is less removed
Partial Hip Replacement

Partial Hip Replacement is a vastly practiced as an alternative to hip replacement surgery procedure, but it is not much effective in the conditions caused by arthritis. During the procedure only the ball of the ball and socket joint is replaced. The alternative is best for fracture of the hip ball
Hip Fusion

Hip fusion is a rarely practiced alternative to hip replacement surgery. Hip fusion surgery temporarily immobilizes the hip joints, and uses metal plates and screws to keep the joint in the correct position. The limitations might bring a limp in the patient’s walk
Resection Arthroplasty

The resection Arthroplasty is done when the bone around the hip joint is removed and the space is filled with the scar tissues. The procedure is mostly recommended for the patients with infections that cannot be healed. The patients having such a surgery are able to walk with a support
Stem cell therapy

As we have discussed that hip replacement surgery is not always a choice at Chicago stemcell we offer you best stem cell therapy experience for hip joint that is not only safe but also serves as an efficient alternative to hip replacement surgery.
You are looking for an alternative to hip replacement surgery why not try the above alternatives?

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