Baseball celebrities praise Stem cell as an alternative to elbow surgery, for getting back to competition

  January 12th 2018    Blog

With views of Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD.

What happens when a baseball pro, experiences acute elbow pain one day, gets an MRI and is diagnosed with Ulnar collateral ligaments (UCLs) tear?

For almost a decade, it’s been something generally known among the athletes undergo stem cell therapy as an alternative to surgery and fend off the lost playing time. It’s a cutting edge alternative to elbow surgery, done by everyone of any age.

In 2016 first Andrew Heany and then Garret Richards undergone stem cell therapy for torn Ulnar collateral ligaments (UCL) tears. For the first time in decades stem cell therapy was openly admitted as a highly efficient alternative for patients who were recommended for elbow surgery

What makes stem cell different? Is their ability to become specialized cells depending on the body’s need at the time. The use of adult stem cells that can be harvested from bone marrow, fat or blood of any person of any age is widely accepted among the medical professionals. “ They are chiefly to repair and replace the damaged tissue, that makes them just perfect for repairing a torn UCL.” Dr. Zaki Anwer The first pro baseball player known to have undergone stem-cell therapy for a UCL weakness was Bartolo.

“The stem cell alternative is something that can cure ligament tears better than surgery with a faster recovery”. Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD

Platelet rich plasma injections are also known to be the first line defense against UCL injuries. The procedure involves harvesting PRP from the candidate and injecting into the injured part of the body as PRP is compact with proteins and growth factors specialized for elbow injury.

“You can think of these injections as a prototype to stem cell therapy, both are considered as biological treatments and involve using the body’s own power against elbow injuries” Dr, Zaki Anwer, MD

Dr. Zaki Anwer,MD says in his own practice, he’s been able to eliminate the need for elbow surgery by about a third, praise to his reliance on stem cell therapy. A patient who had full UCL tears in November 2011 after receiving stem cell therapy as an alternative to elbow surgery at The Chicago Stem Cell, Therapy enjoys full recovery by February 2012

“Stem-cell therapy is not going to replace every but it could probably replace the need for surgery in the majority of cases.” Dr. Zaki Anwer says

The stem cell procedure is performed by expert orthopedic surgeons and pain management specialists in the U.S and approved by FDA. The U.S specialists are permitted to harvest a person’s stem cells and utilize these cells to treat the same person

Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD believes stem cell therapy in underway to reach the highest point as an alternative to elbow surgery.

In the present Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD says, “There is relatively a handful of experts doing stem cell therapy for Elbow UCL but the list seems to increase. Every team should have a stem-cell therapy expert on its medical staff, or at least one on speed dial. Careers will be saved, and so will millions of dollars”