Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation, Can Platelet-rich Plasma Be Used for Skin Rejuvenation?

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Due to its amazing outcomes, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) has got a great amount of consideration in numerous medical fields; the list includes orthopedic, plastic and dental surgeries and dermatology for its wound healing ability. In addition, it has been utilized clinically in mesotherapy for bio facial skin rejuvenation. The impacts of platelet-rich plasma have demonstrated amazing results. This is a rebuilding of the extracellular matrix, a procedure that requires the activation of dermal fibroblasts, which is vital for the rejuvenation of the aged skin.
The process of a bio-facial with pure platelet-rich plasma offers the results same as the process of the facelift, but it is actually a “no-facelift” procedure. Or in another term, you will get every one of the advantages of getting a facelift without really getting one (no disturbing surgery) and no foreign items. So on the off chance that you’ve taken a gander at yourself in the mirror recently, and thought about enhancing your skin texture, tone or color, or wished your skin could utilize little more volume, at that point getting a bio facial skin rejuvenation is the ideal, all-natural approach to do so. It’s a treatment that will rejuvenate your skin instantly!

Let’s Find Out What is Pure Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP alludes to the platelet-rich plasma that is found in the blood. This is actually the element of the blood that is known for being exceptionally powerful having the ability of healing and treating burns or skin wounds. At the point when a PRP treatment is applied, the PRP treatment process begins by taking a small measure of blood from the patient’s arm and set in a centrifuge. The centrifuge at that time spins the vile of blood at a fast speed with the end goal to isolate the blood cells from the platelet plasma.
After that, the platelet plasma isolated from the blood cells is ready to be injected into a particular area on the face to point the development of fresh blood vessels, and produce collagen and hyaluronic acid in order to enhance the skin texture, tone, color, and volume. In spite of the fact that the PRP is utilized for bio-facials, it can likewise be utilized on different parts of the body.

Advantages of PRP Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation

It is a fact that this new and creative treatment has such a huge number of advantages and throws away such huge numbers of worries with traditional facelifts techniques or traditional rejuvenation treatments.

It’s a totally natural technique:

The technique utilizes your body’s own natural material to recover the skin’s liveliness. It’s extraordinary for the individuals who are doubtful about injecting artificial materials into their body.

There is practically no danger of harmful side effects:

Since it’s your own organic material! You likewise won’t need to stress over an allergic response. You may go through some bruising, tenderness, swelling or redness close to the injection site, yet this will disappear within a couple of days.


No surgery, no hassle:

The procedure just takes about 30 minutes and is insignificantly aggressive treatment.

Recovery time is little to none:

You can leave the office quickly after the treatment and continue your everyday doings, enjoy a coffee with companions or go shopping. Everything depends on how you feel about redness or soreness from the injection.

The treatment can likewise smooth out wrinkles and lines:

Could you ever envision achieving a more young appearance with your very own recuperating and growth factors?
Bio facial skin rejuvenation is a progressive treatment that is safe and successful. It’s an incredible alternative treatment in contrast with other non-invasive cosmetic treatments. There’s no compelling reason to stress over how synthetic materials will influence your body because Dr. Zaki Anwar, M.D Frankfort, Illinois utilizes natural substances in his bio facial skin rejuvenation PRP treatment.
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