A review on Stem Cell Therapy-Changes it can bring about

Stem cell therapy means the treatment and prevention of a disease or any condition by the use of stem cells. Bone marrow transplant is the most widely used stem cell therapy.

It can also be defined as a natural process that is proved by many researches and the treatment of any disease by simply reproducing the new healthy cells in a laboratory and transplanting them in the human body to cure the root of the disease. Today stem cell therapy is used for spine, knees, hips, shoulders therapy and other physical issues. The best part is that, going for a stem cell therapy doesn’t involve a surgery which leads to a fast recovery process.

As compared to traditional surgery, there are numerous benefits of having a stem cell therapy. Such as;

  • Stem cells help in preventing abnormal human development.
  • There are less chances of rejection when stem cells are used.
  • Stem cells have the potential to save millions of lives.
  • Cure for blindness, loss of hair, anti-aging, missing teeth through stem cell treatment.
  • The treatments by stem cell therapy involve almost full body such as Brain and spinal cord diseases, muscle and cardiac related ailments, cancer and blood related disease etc.

All in all, the process heals, repairs and regenerates all sort of tissues that were damaged. Stem cell therapy has been proven to ease up arthritis, osteoarthritis and other diseases that are worsening.

Expectations from Stem Cell Therapy

As compared to traditional surgery stem cell treatment is a lot safer as it is only an in-office procedure that makes use of local anesthesia. In it, no incisions are made as the stem cells only need to be injected in the desired area. However, a person going through this process will feel sore throughout the initial days of treatment. But there is nothing to worry, as by some basic medications and combating the stiffness with ice packs or appropriate procedure, the soreness will also be cured in few days. As all the materials are being used from one’s own body so there will be no rejection of any fat and blood. However, a normal surgery will include a cut, rejection of blood from the body along with the general use of anesthesia. Moreover, surgery has a much longer recovery process as it involves injections and is overall very much complex.

Stem Cell Therapy-the right option

It’s crystal clear that Stem Cell Therapy is very effective. Pain treatment involves almost negligible risks. And going for a surgery sometimes also results in pneumonia or other breathing issues which can further cause urinary trouble after taking pain medication. However, surgery can still be an option, as going for any procedure varies from person to person. But whatever procedure is chosen, should be in complete consideration of the overall changes it can bring keeping in view the recovery periods.

The Chicago stem cell therapy is dedicated in understanding how tissues are formed and how perfect repairing is done in order to cure the injuries and disease.


With PRP Therapy Make a Come Back In the Game!!

As medical advancement continues to grow, we are coming across many attributes of PRP Treatment and now it is the most effective and trusted treatment for your knee injury. Those athletes, who have acquired PRP injection therapy for their injured knee are happy to experience good results.

PRP is best beyond your Thoughts

This specific treatment is performed by following three basic steps and they are:

  • Taking your own blood
  • Enhance the amount of platelets that results in boosting the blood’s growth factors
  • It is made sure that your body’s natural mechanism is able to promote healing

This particular treatment is said to be groundbreaking, revolutionary and innovative as it has proven to give good results, specifically when it comes to knee injury. Although PRP has recently become famous in orthopedic’s field, but it is actually in dentists’ use since the 1970s. This particular treatment has been proven to be the best option for musculoskeletal injuries back in 2010, as researchers taking part in the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons manifested that it is capable to treat knee osteoarthritis,advanced Achilles Tendinitis and Tennis elbow.

First Choice Of Athletes For Their Injured Knee

If you want to confirm the rise of PRP, you have to know about professional athletes such as Peyton Manning, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Opting for this specific treatment of athletes has made Platelet-rich Plasma the most prominent treatment.

It May Get You Back To Your Game

Once the treatment option that was only for elite and professional athletes, now many athletes totally rely on it for their knee injury. Now opting for PRP Injection Therapy is very easy and that is why many athletes have made up their minds to undergo this treatment. Hines Ward is the sport’s personality, who has got the series of PRP injections in order to recover from an injury.


In order to avail this treatment by an experienced doctor, the thing which you have to focus is to find the best and an experienced clinic. Chicago Stem Cell Therapy in this regard is the best place to go, where you will find staff and doctors performing PRP knee treatment most effectively. So, don’t waste your time and feel free to contact on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.


Stem Cell Treatment – Uses Your Own Body’s Building Blocks To Heal You

Stem cell therapy is known as the most natural treatment for diseases, for which you plan to undergo traditional surgery. This natural treatment options have numerous good attributes for treating many diseases. Medical scientists are working on finding more natural attributes of stem cells in order to accelerate its quality of treating diseases, and research on it by scientists will make it more effective for treating many serious diseases.

Medical Scientists’ Thoughts About Stem Cell

Although stem cells have great potential in health and medical research, but in order to get its benefits, scientists are really working hard to know that how stem cells get transformed into the effective and specialized cells. Then these cells are injected into the injured or affected area, and they begin the healing process, which leads to better results. Diseases like cancer and conditions like birth defects are believed to take place by problems, which occur in the differentiation process, so understanding about the development that takes place in normal cells will let scientists treat the developmental errors.

The Diseases, Treated Well By Stem Cells

Although this stem cell treatment can treat many diseases, but we will discuss about three diseases, which can be treated accurately through stem cell treatment. Here they are:

·        Heart Attack

The patient, who has suffered from a heart attack or experience any heart damage, can easily replace the damaged tissue with healthy stem cells. This shows that stem cell treatment is much more effective for heart patients

·        Parkinson’s disease

Stem cells are much more effective in this disease as well, as in the damage of brain cells in conditions like Parkinson’s disease, the cells can be replaced with new and healthy brain cells. The more you explore about stem cells, the more you will find them effective for almost every disease.

·        Genetic Defects

The most promising potential is to tackle genetic defects, which are present from birth through restoring function and health by introducing normal, healthy cells, which do not have these sorts of defects.


For acquiring the stem cell treatment from the experienced doctor, you have to visit the experienced place. In this regard Chicago Stem Cell Therapy is the right option, as you will find yourself in a place, where you will come across researches about stem cell and experienced doctors, treating diseases for a long time. So for acquiring the right treatment, do call on  815-464-7212 for an appointment.

Broken twisted angle - running sport injury. Male runner touching foot in pain due to sprained ankle.

Suffering From Foot Pain? Go For Stem Cell Therapy

Research of many years and thousands of happy patients and faster healing time are the reasons, which make stem cell treatment as the best option for foot pain. This treatment has all the natural capabilities, which are required in treating foot pain being the reason of stem cell for being an ideal treatment for foot pain.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

Stem cell therapy is the treatment, in which live stem cells are inserted into your foot, straightaway into the area, which is causing pain. These live cells are gathered while the C-Sections of live births, and gathered from a placenta. After a baby’s birth the amniotic membrane in the placenta is removed, and then sterilized and make it able to use. The women, from whom the cells are taken, are screened and properly tested for any communicable diseases. It is much important to know that there are not live birth embryos; which shows that there is no harm in using them.

What To Know More About It?

Stem cells are known as blank slate, they are the cells whose roles have not been determined yet in the body, and that is why they have an amazing capability of getting changed into anything. For example, if you take them where the tendon is and doesn’t care that whether they are torn or not, they will naturally become a tendon. If they are taken into joint, where the cartilage is irritated, this will help in making new cartilage and with that it will enhance the healing procedure of tissue in a faster way. The treatment is also used for various other problems, which cause foot pain, just like:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arthritis of the first toe joint
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Find The Right Clinic For Your Foot Pain

After knowing about the natural abilities of this treatment, your first step should be to find the best clinic for acquiring stem cell treatment. In this regard Chicago Stem Cell is the right option for you, as it has the vast experience of treating all sorts of pain through this most effective treatment for years. So do not waste your time and call on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.


Healing A Meniscus Tear With Stem Cell

Let’s Explore Meniscus

The Meniscus is known as shock absorber of the knee joint as well as spacer that are to protect the cartilage, which covers the top of the femur and the tibia bone naturally. This is done by giving the force equally across your joint. The meniscus is made by living fibro-cartilage tissue. Every knee owns two menisci, a medical meniscus, which is nearer to the inside of the body, and second one is the lateral meniscus, which is nearer to the outside of the body. The medial meniscus is much vulnerable to injury than the lateral one for biomechanical reasons.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help You?

Knee meniscus tear is the most common knee injury, which is treated in many clinics. Stem cell treatment for meniscus tears comprises of the ability of being less invasive and same-day injection procedure. It helps in healing the injured tissue and allows you to avoid the painful and long recovery that is the attribute of traditional surgery. In the Stem cell treatment, healing power of your own stem cells and platelets are used in order to help in the healing of the tissue.

Surgery Does Not Give The Best Results!!

It has been noticed that mostly meniscus surgery does not properly repair the meniscus, and it removes the torn piece. Research has confirmed that removing the parts of the meniscus cause the arthritis. The recent research shows that meniscus surgery is no longer an effective treatment option than Stem cell treatment, as it comprises of no negative impact and zero side-affects.

Stem Cells Are Inserted, Where They Are Needed

The treatment procedure is performed under a C-Arm Flouroscopy or a high level ultrasound imaging guidance in order to ensure that stem cells are being inserted exactly the same area where they are needed. Using high level ultrasound imaging insures the success of this specific treatment.


Finding the right clinic is always critical, and that is why you have to have the strong reason of selecting any clinic for acquiring stem cell treatment. The best clinic owns the best research lab for getting the best out of stem cells in order to treat patients perfectly, and this is what Chicago Stem Cell therapy has, and this makes it the right clinic for acquiring this effective treatment for injuries. So do not waste your time and contact on this 815-464-7212 for an appointment.


Opt For Stem Cell Treatment & Free Yourself From Wrist/Hand Injuries

Gone are the days, when people used to opt for painful and invasive surgeries for their hand or wrist injuries, now with lots of advancements in the medical field, one of them is called stem cell therapy, which gives you a natural and the most appropriate solution for your wrist and hand injury. Mostly you go for a surgery for your hand or wrist injury, because of ligament injury, tendonitis, bone injuries, bursitis and arthritis.Stem cells are made of your own body cells, which consist of such elements that are very much beneficial for treating your injury by injecting them through injection into the affected area.

It Is All Natural!!

It is the most natural treatment for your injuries, and it gives you an option to avoid the painful surgeries you go through thinking that they are the only solution.  Those who have pain and an injury in hand or wrist from ligament or tendon sprains, or tear, or because of osteoarthritis can be the right candidates for this natural treatment. This will make them get rid of injuries sooner than the traditional surgery option. It can also be said as the best alternative to surgery.

Injuries, This Natural Treatment Treats:

There are many injuries, which can be treated well through it, but we will mention few common injuries, for which it is the most appropriate treatment option. Followings are the names of those injuries

  1. Hand Arthritis
  2. TFCC, which stands for (Triangular Fibro-Cartilage Complex), it is an injury of the wrist
  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  4. Trigger Finger

What To Know More?

Although there are many sorts of stem cells, which are used in orthopedic healing, but the most common are mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells, which are used to help the regeneration of tissues and rebuilding of cartilage, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Those who suffer from sports’ injuries, now no more go for traditional surgery since they came to know about this natural treatment option for sports-related injuries. Faster recovery time and better results make it better treatment option as compared to the other options.


Finding the right clinic for acquiring the stem cell treatment is the most important thing, and you will not want to let any non-professional perform the treatment. That is why it is important that you select the clinic, which has the vast experience of treating injuries through this specific treatment, having a specific department for stem cell research that helps in improving the quality of this particular treatment.  Chicago Stem Cell Therapy in this regard is the right clinic for treating all the injuries by this natural and effective treatment option. So, do not waste time and contact on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.


How can We Avoid Back Pain After Hip Replacement Surgery

It will be miracle, when people will understand that hip replacement surgery is not for everyone, and it does not guarantee the good results. It has been seen that hip replacement is in high demand by people for past ten years. You will have met patients, who have got their hips replaced, but still they are crying because of hip pain. Low back can be suspected as the main cause it and many patients, who suffer from the same issue, have low back problems and for them replacing the hip joint will not be beneficial the way it is expected wrongly by many patients.

You Are Not A Doctor So Trust What Your Doctor Says

Many patients mistake is to believe that hip pain causes by only hip joints, despite knowing the fact that it may also occur because of any abnormality in lower back. Patients like them mostly get amazed, as an injection in their low back helps them in getting rid of hip pain. The sacroiliac SI joint in your low back is vulnerable to injury or arthritis and pain by that can be felt in the back of the hip. The upper low back nerves may get pinched and pain caused by it leads the hip.

Get The Stem Cell Treatment For Your Lower Back Pain

If you have lower back pain, there is no better treatment option than stem cell, as it is much natural and has the ability to treat your lower back issue. Stem cell comprises of your own body cells, which are changed into effective cells, and they eliminate your lower back pain. This treatment is not invasive as traditional surgery and does not own any side-effects, as these cells are made of your own body cells. Their injection is inserted in your lower back. But it should be noted that this phase in the treatment should be performed by the doctor rather than handing over this task to nurses, which will ruin the treatment.

Find The Right Clinic For Acquiring Stem Cell Treatment

Among many clinics, which offer stem cell treatment, you have to choose the experienced one, and it is not easy if we do not evaluate clinics. Chicago Stem Cell Therapy is the place, where you will find the most experienced specialists for stem cell treatment, who have been treating patients with stem cells for years. The thing which makes it stand apart from other clinics, offering stem cell treatment is the involvement of doctor in each phase of the treatment. So do not waste time and feel free to contact on this number 815-815-464-7212 for an appointment.


All About Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Stem Cell Treatment Does Not Let You Get Old

Stem cells comprise of your own body’s cells, which are very helpful and serve as natural ingredients to keep your health better and make you look younger. Stem cell treatment is the most natural treatment compared to other traditional treatments. They are able to harness the anti-aging power in order to get your youth back and keep your health good.

What To Know About Stem Cells?

Stem cells can also be called undifferentiated as they are kind of blank Slate cell, having the capability of developing in a large number of many other cells’ kinds, depending on which way they will be used. The U.S department of Health and Human Services names stem cells as a kind of internal repair system, and these can change into cells, having more specific functions.

They were discovered in liposuction fat and since then doctors have been using them to treat almost every health issue, and it spans from spinal cord injuries to hair repair. The stem cells, which are used in stem cell rejuvenation treatments, are isolated from a person’s fat, and then they are reintroduced again to a person’s body, which helps in maximizing their efficiency.

How It Works?

As stem cells are used for many health issues, they have also been certified to be the most effective ingredients to look younger and get the youth again. They have natural ability to help facial rejuvenation treatment and that is why this specific treatment has got much popularity than other treatments.

Learn About Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Stem cell facial rejuvenation treatment starts as stem cells are harvested. They are retrieved through a small needle, which are after that mixed with your own harvested fat in order to make filler. Filler is then placed underneath your skin, replicating the fullness of youth without descending to synthetic compounds, chemicals and implants, which your body may react to or reject straightaway.


Stem cell treatment has become the most popular treatment, because you know what is injected in your body in this treatment and that is its unique part. In order to acquire the best stem cell treatment, it is important that you go to a clinic, which is very well equipped, when it comes to offer best stem cell treatment, and in this regard Chicago Stem Cell is known as the best clinic. So contact at 815-464-7212 for an appointment, and experience the professionalism of our doctors.


Stem Cell Therapy – When Knee Injury Strikes and Arthritis Prevails

The Cells of Your Body Are a Gift for You

Your body comprises of many specialized cells, which are able to form particular organs such as brain, tendons, bone, muscles and ligaments. Each day these cells experience degenerative and regenerative procedure. Old cells die and with that new cells are born from stem cells, having a capability to create various sorts of many other cells. Injured tissues are the ones, which give birth to degenerative procedure, and for that specific condition, your own cells are made capable to treat it, known as called stem cells. There are many kinds of stem cells, amongst which (tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone) are very good at supporting musculoskeletal healing, and that are found in bone marrow.

Treatment for Your Knee Injury and Arthritis

Now for knee injury and Arthritis, people do not have to undergo the painful and traditional surgery, as stem cells have been proven to be the most effective to treat any kind of knee injury and Arthritis. In Stem Cell treatment, the unique part, which makes it stand apart from other treatment options, is its ability to treat the cells of your own body to treat your injury.

Find If You Are The Right Candidate For It

If you are the one, who has joint injury or degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis, then you are the right candidates for stem cell treatment. Stem cell procedure is not invasive and is capable of giving good results, but for that proper consultation is required. So you must inform your doctor about your medical history in a brief manner, which will help your doctor to get the maximum out of stem cell treatment.

The Right Way Of Performing Stem Cell Injection Procedure

Latest and current techniques now allow doctors to extract stem cells from bone marrow, then concentrate them via a lab procedure and after that inject them again into the injured tissues, by using latest imaging guidance. Many clinics commit one mistake during the stem cell treatment and it is to handover the stem cell injection procedure to nurses, rather than assigning specialist to perform this action.  So find the clinic which does not do this, in order to experience the right treatment of stem cell therapy.  When they are injected, they support the natural repair procedure of degenerated and injured tendons, arthritic joints and ligaments.

At Chicago Stem Cell, doctors are highly expert of using stem cells productively to treat knee related injuries and arthritis, so do not wait and contact at 815-464-7212 to experience the stem cell treatment for your injury.


Vampire Facelift – If Kardashian Can Get It So Can You!!

Get Your Skin Looked Young by Vampire Facelift

In this treatment, your own blood is used without causing any side-affect or problem and it is known as the famous cosmetic procedure this specific treatment is performed by experienced dermatologists. It is to remove wrinkles, get your skin texture better, and shrink large pores with improving many skin imperfections.  The Vampire Facelift comprises of micro-needling with platelet rich plasma. It dominates many other cosmetic procedures, which have not been proven to be much effective. The thing, which you should note, is that now famous personalities are also willing to undergo this treatment, and this shows the authenticity this treatment.

 No Vampire in This Procedure

Although this procedure owns vampire’s name but it does not mean that there is actually a vampire performing this procedure. Vampire Facelift requires less amount of blood, specifically the platelet rich plasma component of your blood. In this specific treatment, dermatologist draw required blood from the person, and keep a tube of that person’s blood in a centrifuge. After spinning in that particular centrifuge for a certain period of time, the blood is mixed with a certain kind of solution that helps in separating red blood cells from blood plasma. Then this platelet rich plasma is applied to your skin’s dermal layer during and after a procedure called micro-needling.

Many Celebrities Have Opted For This Treatment

Famous celebrities also could not help undergoing this specific treatment. One of its examples is famous fashion model Bar Refaeli, Kim Kardashian’s experience of undergoing this treatment, who recently told their experiences about undergoing Vampire facelift procedure.  They both looked very stunning after undergoing it, as the result of this procedure went beyond their expectation. Above All they did not find any problem in undergoing Vampire Facelift.

What Do Experts Say?

One of the experts such as Dr Ayesha Akbar, who has vast experience in treating patient’s skin through Vampire Facelift, says that this treatment is to increase volume, improve skin with reducing the appearance of fine lines; she is also an experienced anti-aging specialist. Now famous personalities are in line to undergo this treatment, because it really gives good results and makes you look younger, without causing any problem.  Behind the effectiveness of Vampire Facelift, there is Platelet Rich Plasma, which has made this procedure very effective. For the treatment you can reach Chicago Stem Cell Therapy at 815-464-7212.