All About Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Stem Cell Treatment Does Not Let You Get Old

Stem cells comprise of your own body’s cells, which are very helpful and serve as natural ingredients to keep your health better and make you look younger. Stem cell treatment is the most natural treatment compared to other traditional treatments. They are able to harness the anti-aging power in order to get your youth back and keep your health good.

What To Know About Stem Cells?

Stem cells can also be called undifferentiated as they are kind of blank Slate cell, having the capability of developing in a large number of many other cells’ kinds, depending on which way they will be used. The U.S department of Health and Human Services names stem cells as a kind of internal repair system, and these can change into cells, having more specific functions.

They were discovered in liposuction fat and since then doctors have been using them to treat almost every health issue, and it spans from spinal cord injuries to hair repair. The stem cells, which are used in stem cell rejuvenation treatments, are isolated from a person’s fat, and then they are reintroduced again to a person’s body, which helps in maximizing their efficiency.

How It Works?

As stem cells are used for many health issues, they have also been certified to be the most effective ingredients to look younger and get the youth again. They have natural ability to help facial rejuvenation treatment and that is why this specific treatment has got much popularity than other treatments.

Learn About Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Stem cell facial rejuvenation treatment starts as stem cells are harvested. They are retrieved through a small needle, which are after that mixed with your own harvested fat in order to make filler. Filler is then placed underneath your skin, replicating the fullness of youth without descending to synthetic compounds, chemicals and implants, which your body may react to or reject straightaway.


Stem cell treatment has become the most popular treatment, because you know what is injected in your body in this treatment and that is its unique part. In order to acquire the best stem cell treatment, it is important that you go to a clinic, which is very well equipped, when it comes to offer best stem cell treatment, and in this regard Chicago Stem Cell is known as the best clinic. So contact at 815-464-7212 for an appointment, and experience the professionalism of our doctors.


Stem Cell Therapy – When Knee Injury Strikes and Arthritis Prevails

The Cells of Your Body Are a Gift for You

Your body comprises of many specialized cells, which are able to form particular organs such as brain, tendons, bone, muscles and ligaments. Each day these cells experience degenerative and regenerative procedure. Old cells die and with that new cells are born from stem cells, having a capability to create various sorts of many other cells. Injured tissues are the ones, which give birth to degenerative procedure, and for that specific condition, your own cells are made capable to treat it, known as called stem cells. There are many kinds of stem cells, amongst which (tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone) are very good at supporting musculoskeletal healing, and that are found in bone marrow.

Treatment for Your Knee Injury and Arthritis

Now for knee injury and Arthritis, people do not have to undergo the painful and traditional surgery, as stem cells have been proven to be the most effective to treat any kind of knee injury and Arthritis. In Stem Cell treatment, the unique part, which makes it stand apart from other treatment options, is its ability to treat the cells of your own body to treat your injury.

Find If You Are The Right Candidate For It

If you are the one, who has joint injury or degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis, then you are the right candidates for stem cell treatment. Stem cell procedure is not invasive and is capable of giving good results, but for that proper consultation is required. So you must inform your doctor about your medical history in a brief manner, which will help your doctor to get the maximum out of stem cell treatment.

The Right Way Of Performing Stem Cell Injection Procedure

Latest and current techniques now allow doctors to extract stem cells from bone marrow, then concentrate them via a lab procedure and after that inject them again into the injured tissues, by using latest imaging guidance. Many clinics commit one mistake during the stem cell treatment and it is to handover the stem cell injection procedure to nurses, rather than assigning specialist to perform this action.  So find the clinic which does not do this, in order to experience the right treatment of stem cell therapy.  When they are injected, they support the natural repair procedure of degenerated and injured tendons, arthritic joints and ligaments.

At Chicago Stem Cell, doctors are highly expert of using stem cells productively to treat knee related injuries and arthritis, so do not wait and contact at 815-464-7212 to experience the stem cell treatment for your injury.


Vampire Facelift – If Kardashian Can Get It So Can You!!

Get Your Skin Looked Young by Vampire Facelift

In this treatment, your own blood is used without causing any side-affect or problem and it is known as the famous cosmetic procedure this specific treatment is performed by experienced dermatologists. It is to remove wrinkles, get your skin texture better, and shrink large pores with improving many skin imperfections.  The Vampire Facelift comprises of micro-needling with platelet rich plasma. It dominates many other cosmetic procedures, which have not been proven to be much effective. The thing, which you should note, is that now famous personalities are also willing to undergo this treatment, and this shows the authenticity this treatment.

 No Vampire in This Procedure

Although this procedure owns vampire’s name but it does not mean that there is actually a vampire performing this procedure. Vampire Facelift requires less amount of blood, specifically the platelet rich plasma component of your blood. In this specific treatment, dermatologist draw required blood from the person, and keep a tube of that person’s blood in a centrifuge. After spinning in that particular centrifuge for a certain period of time, the blood is mixed with a certain kind of solution that helps in separating red blood cells from blood plasma. Then this platelet rich plasma is applied to your skin’s dermal layer during and after a procedure called micro-needling.

Many Celebrities Have Opted For This Treatment

Famous celebrities also could not help undergoing this specific treatment. One of its examples is famous fashion model Bar Refaeli, Kim Kardashian’s experience of undergoing this treatment, who recently told their experiences about undergoing Vampire facelift procedure.  They both looked very stunning after undergoing it, as the result of this procedure went beyond their expectation. Above All they did not find any problem in undergoing Vampire Facelift.

What Do Experts Say?

One of the experts such as Dr Ayesha Akbar, who has vast experience in treating patient’s skin through Vampire Facelift, says that this treatment is to increase volume, improve skin with reducing the appearance of fine lines; she is also an experienced anti-aging specialist. Now famous personalities are in line to undergo this treatment, because it really gives good results and makes you look younger, without causing any problem.  Behind the effectiveness of Vampire Facelift, there is Platelet Rich Plasma, which has made this procedure very effective. For the treatment you can reach Chicago Stem Cell Therapy at 815-464-7212.


How Stem Cell Treatment Brought Chris Johnson Back to the Field

Not only common people are getting benefits of stem cell treatment, but celebrities are also nowadays acquiring this treatment and it proves that there are much benefits of it. Jets’ Chris Johnson is the player of NFL, who has acquired stem cell treatment in order to recover from an injury. It can be the next breakthrough in the treatment of sports aliments, but currently use of this specific therapy is very limited in the U.S.

How did Chris Johnson acquire stem cell treatment?

He is 28 and he has 5 1,000-yard NFL rushing seasons to his own name, one 2,000 yarder and a desire of proving he is the same speedster, which he has always been. As Chris Johnson visited orthopedic in order to fix his left knee, he came across two great words “Stem Cells”.  The injury of knee’s natural shock absorber caused many other damages in the joint then Chris Johnson was presented another option than surgery, which was the treatment through stem cells, and he was guided about that and informed that it does not contain side-affects.  He lost many cartilages, as he played the season with damaged meniscus. Opting for this treatment Chris Johnson has recovered successfully and was happy to undergo such an easy and less time consuming cure.

Stem cell treatment for Athletes

This popular treatment has been proven to be an effective option for athletes; while treating the athletes adult stem cells are used, which we all have in our bodies. Shedding light on the power of regenerative medicine Zaki Anwar MD of Chicago Stem Cell Therapy says, “There are many unspecialized cells which have the ability of producing new cells and mature into various different cell types and are capable of being mobilized in response to an injury”.  Orthopedists like Dr. Anwar seem particularly very interested in mesenchymal stem cells, found in sources like bone marrow and fat tissue, which are able to become new bone cartilage, muscle or connective tissue. Time matters a lot in the life of athletes, so whenever they get injured they prefer to undergo the treatment which should be less time consuming and should have maximum benefits; in this regard stem cell treatment has become the first choice of most athletes.


Such cure for various problems has compelled medical experts successfully to consider stem cell treatment as the best option for the injuries, and its popularity is expected to grow more. In result celebrities who are coping with injuries have also made up their minds to acquire it. At “Chicago Stem Cell Therapy” Dr. Anwar provides personalized treatments of stem cell under one roof. So, do contact for an appointment at 815-464-7212


Beneficial Aspects of Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma is considered very safe and it is made of your platelets. It is considered as a natural therapy, and it exploits the regenerative potential contained in human’s platelets, in order to support tissue repair and pave a way for new tissue generation.  Platelet Rich Plasma injections are to rely on a simple and safe technique. That technique uses the regenerative and healing capabilities of platelets.  They are the ones, which release autologous growth factors, small proteins that work as messengers for initiating the procedure of skin regeneration. Doctors isolate your platelets for the preparation of PRP therapy from a small sample of blood.  It takes only 10 minutes to produce the PRP injection. The special part of it is that it is made of your own blood.

PRP Improves Skin

Aging of your skin is because of an imbalance among the quantity of destruction and renewal of cells and collagen. By supporting the process of natural tissue regeneration, mesotherapy injections of PRP improve your skin and they also smooth fine lines of your face, thus providing you skin rejuvenation. The rationale for A-PRP gel injection into your wrinkles is much different from the injection of standard fillers. The pattern is not to fill up the wrinkles but to force the fibroblasts to produce new collagen and many components of extracellular matrix including elastin, fibronectin, glycosaminoglycans  and all of them contribute for skin regeneration.

PRP for Hair Loss for both Women and Men

PRP is also used for hair restoration, and it has been very effective for both women and men. It induces regeneration of the hair bulb environment, enhancing blood supply with enhancing hair follicle cell proliferation, and it results in stronger and nice hair. With stimulating the hair bulb environment, PRP stimulates a natural process that helps in strengthening hairs.

PRP for Scars and Stretch Marks

Local injection of A-PRP is considered as an effective treatment for acne scars and stretch marks.  Injection of A-PRP into the dermis helps accelerate and increase tissue regeneration. A-PRP produces new collagen production and induces mensenchymal stem cell division and differentiation with stimulating neoangiogenesis. PRP improves elasticity, thickness of the skin with contributing to the remodeling of collagen fibres.

At Chicago Stem Cell, doctors own vast experience of using stem cell and they are able to treat many health issues, which can be treated well through Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. So contact us at 815-464-7212.


Sport Injuries-How Can Stem Cells Help?

Stem Cell Treatment and Athletes


Regenerative medicines and stem cell therapies promise to treat various sorts of injuries and diseases faced by athletes. Medical researchers are constantly working to harness the procedure, which enhances the effectiveness of stem cell treatment and because of that, it repairs or replaces injured tissues and cells. For athletes faster recovery is much important and that is why they try to opt for those treatments, which are less invasive and less time consuming, and Stem cell treatment is the one, which fulfills their demands. This is the one great reason for stem cell treatment to be famous among Athletes.

Muscle Repair by Stem Cell


45% of sports-related injuries are associated to muscle contusion or strain. Muscle comprises tubular cells, which are called myoblasts, which combine to make muscle fibres. Muscle stem cells, which are also known as satellite cells are for muscle repair. While playing sports, muscle fibres may damage and pass on signals to satellite cells, which exist on the top of your muscle tissue. To response to these signals the satellite cells get activated, and get divided with strengthening their quantity and generate new myoblast cells. Myoblasts then repair the damaged muscle tissue. Medical scientists have explored that satellite cells of an older mice are not capable of regenerating muscle as effectively as those of your mice.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells


Mesenchymal stem cells are those which do both strengthen their quantity and divide and form bone, cartilage muscles and adipose cells. MSCs are very useful resource for medical researchers, as they can easily be abstracted from a number of patient tissues, including fat. For injury, MSCs produce proteins, which are to alter the surrounding environment and increase the healing and regeneration of tissue, such as anti-inflammatory factors, angiogenic factors, which enhance the growth of latest blood vessels and many other factors, which pave a way for local tissue- specific stem cells.



Any sort of sports injury can damage athlete’s career and that is why most of them prefer to avoid injuries and prefer to take preventing measures for that, but once the injury occurs, athletes then try to get the treatment, which has no side-effects and complete in the shorter span of time. In this regard stem cell treatment is very ideal, as it is not invasive and does not consume much time.

At Chicago Stem Cell, doctors are highly expert of using stem cells productively to treat many sport related injuries, so do not wait and contact at 815-464-7212 to experience the stem cell treatment for your injury.


Stem cell- An alternative treatment for Spinal Fusion Surgery

Fusion surgery of the spine

People of United States opt for spinal fusion surgery more than any other developed nation does on this Earth, and the rate of acquiring this traditional surgery is 2-3 times higher than rate of other nations. Spinal surgeries and specifically fusion surgeries are much expensive and both of them own complications and that is why no doctor can guarantee that you will recover fully after undergoing spinal fusion surgery. Fusion surgeries are mostly attached to further degeneration condition of the spine, it shows that surgery does not give you the permanent solution and damage your spine more. The rate of failure of spinal surgeries is very high, because of the failures of spinal surgeries, there is one clinical term which has been created for the patients, who do not get benefited by spinal surgery, and that is “Failed back surgery Syndrome”.

What does medical research manifest?

The medical research manifests that patients who have chronic low back pain or disc degeneration undergo spinal fusion surgery and they do not get hundred percent good results than those who opt for non-surgical treatment.

Stem cell as Non-surgical treatment

Stem cell treatment is the one which has marked its success, when it comes to spinal fusion surgeries, as it does not have any side-effect and benefit the patients with hundred percent good results. It is not much time consuming procedure with the attribute of pain-free treatment. Stem cells are injected into the damaged discs and it is much helpful in repairing your disc without causing any side-affect.

Keep your discs healthy

Patients mostly have a disc fetish. The intervertebral disc is called as shock absorbing spacer, which remains among your spine bones. It may get degenerated, means it can get damaged or collapsed and become the reason for unwanted pressure on nerves. The biggest outcome of disc degeneration is instability and irritation, which do not let you live a normal life.

Treat your damaged discs by stem cell treatment

Your injured discs need to be injected with stem cells, as stem cells contain many useful and helpful elements to repair your disc, and above all stem cells prevent your chances to undergo traditional and painful treatment. That is why tendency of acquiring stem cell treatment is increasing. Stem cells contain some specific growthfactors that enhance the procedure of healing your discs, so consult your doctor and ask for stem cell treatment, as it is the best solution to avoid surgery.

If you or one of your loved one is suffering from chronic back pain, do consider regenerative medicine as a safer and highly promising option as compared to the risk of surgery. Schedule a free consultation at The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center today to find out how regenerative treatment can help you. To make an appointment for any of our locations, please call 815-464-7212.

Stem Cell Therapy to Repair Damaged Knee Cartilage

Stem Cells-Treatment for Knee Cartilage Damage

As you start aging the thing that worries you the most is problem in knees. When you realize that it’s difficult for to walk, bend, do work properly and perform the daily chores you become tensed. Most probably, you find yourself stuck where you are with your legs unable to move.

The disease that affects the knee the most is osteoarthritis. From participating in sports, or getting up from a chair or walking, your knee problem can interfere with many things. Moreover, the cartilage in your knee gradually wears away causing pain and swelling.

According to a Research…

Researchers from the University of Manchester in UK found that cartilage can be grown from a person’s very own stem cells under strict laboratory conditions. When this experiment was first carried out in rats it showed promising results as the new cartilage was healthy. And there were no side-effects as can be expected such as growth of abnormal or disorganized tissue or tumors.

Furthermore, according to an estimation made by World Health Organization 9.6% of males and 18% of females aged over 60 years have osteoarthritis, thus leaving them in a disabled condition. And this happens due to cartilage exhaustion from the joints.

What should be done?

In order to rejuvenate the joints the cartilage must be replaced. Cartilage cells are usually referred to as chondrocytes that are formed from precursor cells called as chondroprogenitors. Focus is now on developing a new protocol to generate the chondroprogenitors from stem cells. While experimenting on rats the precursor cartilage cells were implanted in the damaged cartilage in the knee joints of the rats.

The cartilage was partially repaired after four weeks, and after 12 weeks the surface was smooth and as similar to the one like the normal cartilage. And there were also no adverse effects seem.

Though this is only a testing level but it is still a milestone achieved in the way to help the people with arthritis. The team who experimented this, is already planning for next steps and carries a full positive attitude to obtain promising results in the future.

The Traditional Options

Due to lack of knowledge and awareness most people first consider taking the traditional treatments. The requirement is not of a day or two but rather several months of rehabilitation that they will need after the surgery.

Due to younger age, these intense orthopedic surgeries might not be an option for many patients considering the fact that the joint replacement may not last more than 10 to 15 years. Hence the easy an more suitable option is to go for the stem cell treatment that will not cost you your life’s greater period or make you wait to get better in several months.

When the Two are compared:

It is a relief for the patients suffering from arthritis, sport injuries, tendon strains, sprained ligaments that they will now not have to opt for a surgery and get rid of their problem only by an injection of their own natural cells in an outpatient setting.

So, what will you choose? Faster healing through stem cells or a risky surgery involving the replacement of an entire joint?

Dr Anwar can be reached at 8154647212 for stem cell therapy.


PRP Injections To Get Rid Of The Hair Loss Blues!!

Everyone is possessive about their appearance. Are they looking perfect in the eyes of the others? What improvement is needed in their hairstyle, on their face or do they need a makeover? Or is there something unusual in themselves that is worrying them like hell? Such as, they must have witnessed loss of hair while bathing. And this being alarming, is making them tense altogether that what if they become bald or near to baldness?

The other Treatments

These are the depressing things that are concerning for all the men and women and force them to opt for whatever treatments they can to get rid of their hair loss issue or at least stop the hair fall from increasing. It’s true that there are tons of products out there such as shampoos, drugs and vitamins that can re-grow your hair, but most of them take too long to recover and some are of no help at all, thus leaving the patients in distress.

There is definitely a way out…

When you see that your confidence level is decreasing and the hair loss is affecting your life seriously, you may be desperately looking for a way out to restore your hair. One of the best ways to help yourself is to go for a new and innovative treatment that uses your own plasma rich platelets. It is going for Platelet Rich Plasma injections.

Beat Hair loss with PRP

PRP is one of the most popular treatments that help in stimulating new hair growth without going for a surgical procedure. In the procedure, a person’s own blood is drawn and centrifuged so that the plasma with platelets is collected in the tube. The collected plasma is very useful for tissue regeneration and healing. After this, the area that needs treatment, on it, the plasma is injected that is on the scalp, to resolve the hair loss issue.

The results you will be left with…

It is a very simple, non surgical procedure done very quickly and caters to all the hair loss problems the people today are facing. The patient may need multiple treatments, including each treatment with shots that last between 60 and 90 minutes. The treatment is altogether safe and reliable, though it would take few treatments to show you the results you desire.

You will observe a quick recovery after the treatment and when whole process is complete you will be left with a confident soul with natural and beautiful look thus making you feel good about your overall appearance.

We welcome you at the Chicago Stem Cell to get yourself treated in the best possible manner and together fight the hair loss problem.


How to find the right Orthopedic Stem Cell specialist for your chronic injuries?

Visit the right specialist for your orthopedic injuries

There has been a very high level of in using stem cells to treat many orthopedic conditions, like knee osteoarthritis, hip arthritis, rotator cuff and various chronic pains for few years. Choosing the experienced Regenerative orthopedic specialist is crucial to receive safe and effective treatment. Best Regenerative Orthopedic specialist knows how to use stem cells productively and safely, this is why we recommend you to visit the specialist who has the experience of using stem cells effectively.

Who should opt for stem cell treatment?

Those who suffer from acute pain or orthopedic injuries should consider stem cells as the right option of treatment for their painful conditions. Stem cells have totally changed way of treating conditions such as knee injury, hip injury and many chronic pains with hundred percent successful results. As stem cell is still a new option of treatment, it has to be improved more by more medical advancements to become more successful treatment option. There is a big difference in the quality of Regenerative orthopedic treatments with stem cells.  It leaves vast impact on the success or outcomes of the stem cell treatment. As you wish to acquire stem cell treatment option, it will make you understand what you have to look for in terms of both stem cell treatment and injection treatment, so you will be able to decide when to choose your doctor.

Two main effective factors of orthopedic stem cell treatment

There are to effective factors of an orthopedic stem cell treatment and that increases the success of this particular treatment. One is the potency of the stem cells for instance the number and quality of stem cells. Second is the capability of the injection specialist to take the stem cells to the injured area or degenerated structure as close as it is possible.

Characteristics of stem cells

As stem cells become very effective in regenerating orthopedic structures, the right source of taking stem cells is patient’s own autologous fat and it is significantly best approach. Many experienced doctors believe that bone marrow aspirations are invasive and do not give significant results. For many patients it is recommended that they acquire low-pressure syringe aspiration of at least 6ccs of abdominal fat. This aspiration technique has to be done perfectly to save the viability and vigor of the mesenchymal stem cells.


The stem cells have really help doctors to offer the effective and successful treatments for chronic injuries to patients. When it comes to orthopedic conditions, stem cells have proven its role in eliminating those conditions. Stem cells have the quality to solve orthopedic conditions entirely. We recommend you to visit the specialist who owns proper training of using the stem cells for treating chronic and orthopedic injuries.