Non Surgical Hair Loss Restoration Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

Hair, like other elements in a personality has a lot of effect where eyes are normally attracted. The loss of hair affects in many ways but the main thing it does is to destroy a person’s confidence. Without confidence everyone faces difficulty in moving about in their everyday lives. In the absence of a single natural attribute a person will consider his life as extracted of all the colors. Hair loss can also affect relationships, job prospects, friendship groups and more importantly how we view the rest of the world. A person with hair loss is a diffident person seeking numerous ways to restore hair and look normal in the eyes of others.

Widespread Hair Loss

Hair loss is widespread in both men and women. There have been millions affected by this problem with the greatest emotional impact on women. Male pattern baldness that occurs in males is called androgenetic alopecia. Same term is used in female baldness. The cause of hair loss is usually genetically. That is, it is inherited from the genes of one of the parent or even both. It gets worse as a person ages. In both sexes testosterone converts into dehydrotestosterone (DHT) and causes the hair follicles to shrink.

Contributing Factors of Hair Loss

The factors that give rise to hair loss include stress, shrinking hair follicles, mental anxiety, medical conditions, and side effects of medications like chemotherapy, dietary changes and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, menopause or puberty periods. Hair stress is also caused by hair shampoos, coloring, hard brushing and bleaching.

Non surgical solution

PRP therapy also known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a revolutionized treatment for hair loss. Being a versatile treatment it can be used with hair transplant surgery or independently for thinning hair. The treatment of hair loss promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles.

The therapy is performed in three stages:

First Stage

A specific amount of blood is taken from a patient and centrifuged. The fraction that contains most platelets and growth factors is removed and kept. The part which is platelet rich is divided from which one part is lysed to release more growth factors and then combined with the whole-platelet factor.

Second Stage

In this stage, the scalp is stimulated for the wound healing process. In order to use the growth factors and platelets that PRP therapy gives the process of scalp stimulation needs to be activated. About 100 punctures are used to open the skin for the activation step.

Third Stage

This includes re-injection of the platelet and growth factor rich fragment into the scalp. It provides high levels of healing factors and healthy hair growth. These factors are utilized by the stimulated cells, including hair follicles.

Its normal for everyone to shed some hair everyday but excessive hair loss is a big concern for both men and women. It can start with a few hair falls daily while bathing, combing or tying your hair respectively. But when the amount of hair fall increases day by day it may lead to baldness. So, falling of hair, either in small proportion or large should not be ignored, rather considered alarming and help should be approached immediately. A surgical or non surgical solution would highly depend on the condition of your hair.


A Review on Stem Cell Therapy Changes it can bring about

Stem cell therapy means the treatment and prevention of a disease or any condition by the use of stem cells. Bone marrow transplant is the most widely used stem cell therapy.

It can also be defined as a natural process that is proved by many researches and the treatment of any disease by simply reproducing the new healthy cells in a laboratory and transplanting them in the human body to cure the root of the disease. Today stem cell therapy is used for spine, knees, hips, shoulders therapyand other physical issues. The best part is that, going for a stem cell therapy doesn’t involve a surgery which leads to a fast recovery process.


As compared to traditional surgery, there are numerous benefits of having a stem cell therapy. Such as;

  • Stem cells help in preventing abnormal human development.
  • There are less chances of rejection when stem cells are used.
  • Stem cells have the potential to save millions of lives.
  • Cure for blindness, loss of hair, anti-aging, missing teeth through stem cell treatment.
  • The treatments by stem cell therapy involve almost full body such as Brain and spinal cord diseases, muscle and cardiac related ailments, cancer and blood related disease etc.

All in all, the process heals, repairs and regenerates all sort of tissues that were damaged. Stem cell therapy has been proven to ease up arthritis, osteoarthritis and other diseases that are worsening.

Expectations from Stem Cell Therapy

As compared to traditional surgery stem cell treatment is a lot safer as it is only an in-office procedure that makes use of local anesthesia. In it, no incisions are made as the stem cells only need to be injected in the desired area. However, a person going through this process will feel sore throughout the initial days of treatment. But there is nothing to worry, as by some basic medications and combating the stiffness with ice packs or appropriate procedure, the soreness will also be cured in few days. As all the materials are being used from one’s own body so there will be no rejection of any fat and blood. However, a normal surgery will include a cut, rejection of blood from the body along with the general use of anesthesia. Moreover, surgery has a much longer recovery process as it involves injections and is overall very much complex.

Stem Cell Therapy-the right option

It’s crystal clear that Stem Cell Therapy is very effective. Pain treatment involves almost negligible risks. And going for a surgery sometimes also results in pneumonia or other breathing issues which can further cause urinary trouble after taking pain medication. However, surgery can still be an option, as going for any procedure varies from person to person. But whatever procedure is chosen, should be in complete consideration of the overall changes it can bring keeping in view the recovery periods.

The Chicagostem cell therapy is dedicated in understanding how tissues are formed and how perfect repairing is done in order to cure the injuries and disease.