How can you avoid shoulder surgery with certain alternatives?

The shoulder is the highly flexible joint in the body, and most prone to injury. It is not a rare fact that so many people find the possibility of undergoing shoulder replacement surgery. However, there are several alternatives that may help you avoid  shoulder surgery and will also avert the side effects and risks associated with the surgery. The most common risks of shoulder surgery might include; loss of range-of-motion, nerve damage, infections.

Rotator Cuff Exercises

The rotator cuff muscles are four muscles within the shoulder region that are often times the root cause of certain shoulder ailments. If the rotator cuffs are damaged, physical therapy can be a choice that can reduce or even terminate the shoulder pain and the other ailments. The essential exercises for the rotator cuff muscles are usually termed as internal and external rotations. You can start your physical therapy with light resistance and gradual increase in the workout as the muscles strengthen. If you experience any sort of pain and uneasiness in the shoulder decrease the amount of weight and resistance during the workout

Stem cell therapy

There are few medical centers that have initiated utilizing a practical, new medical procedures that uses the stem cells and platelets. The use of stem cells and PRP therapy serves to be the best alternative of shoulder surgery and addresses the problems arising from common injuries such as rotator cuff, shoulder labrum, arthritis and a several other degenerative shoulder issues. The best thing for opting stem cell therapy as an alternative to shoulder surgery that it requires little or no recovery time for most of the patients. The stem cell and PRP therapy take benefit of your body’s own healing process to regenerate and repair the damaged tissues. The stem cell and PRP therapy are relatively modern procedures, but has shown to be highly efficient and serve to be the best alternative to a variety of traditional shoulder surgeries

Treating with heat and ice

For the shoulder problems that are easily tolerable, treating with ice and heat is a better alternative. With plenty of rest and applying ice compresses can work wonders. Initially you need to apply ice for 20 minutes at a time and giving a break of 20 minutes in between. Carry on the application for a couple of days with complete rest of the shoulder. Soon after the ice therapy you can switch to heat therapy.


Exploring The Importance of Shoulder Stem cell therapy!

In today’s medically advanced environment, stem cell therapy is proving its worth by being able to treat certain critical injuries as well as diseases and bringing the people back in the stable, fit and healthy state. People suffering from shoulder injuries, shoulder arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis or some other severe injury related to the shoulder are the best candidates for shoulder stem cell therapy.

People opting for surgical methods, are now approaching for stem cell therapy that has been proved as a viable option for the treatment of an injured shoulder. The shoulder joint is said to be the most important one responsible for the whole movement of the upper body. Now, if this part of the body gets injured then you can imagine how problematic this situation would turn out as the person would not be able to move properly.

Shoulder Surgery

On the other hand if people opt for shoulder surgery, then they would be facing certain risks and thereby would be on fence, as to whether the chronic condition would be resolved or not. Moreover, if opted for the surgical method then it would take a number of months for rehabilitation in order to help and restore the strength. Adding to this, no one would be super sure about whether the condition would be alright or not.

Commonly treated shoulder conditions

As a result of shoulder injury, the below conditions are the one that result when a person doesn’t opt for proper treatment:


  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Arthritis of the shoulder joint
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Labral tears or degeneration
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis
  • AC Joint Separation
  • Recurrent shoulder dislocations

The Potential Benefits That Stem Cell Therapy Can Give!

Serving as an alternative to shoulder surgery, stem cell treatment helps in the healing and repairing the damaged tissues. Furthermore, it can also help in the regeneration of the damaged tissues in the areas such as back spine, the injuries such as meniscal tears, ligament tears, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow etc. The degenerative diseases like arthritis and osteoarthritis are also the conditions that can be effectively treated with stem cell therapy.

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