Stem cell therapy for arthritis a better choice

Anatomy of the knee

Your knee is located  where your thigh bone and your shin bone connects. The knee joint allows the bones to move freely, but within restricted motion

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body and also one of the most complex of all the other joint. The knee joint must be strong enough to bear the weight of the whole body and must have a grip so that we can stand upright. But it also needs to act as a pivot to facilitate physical activities, including stressful workouts, twists and turns as in sports and other physical activities

What happens in knee arthritis?

Arthritis is commonly seen joint disease also known as the osteoarthritis. Arthritis can damage  the surface of your knee joint. Arthritis can also restrict the motion of your knee

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee are:

  • Severe pain when you move your knee or at the end of the day, but it usually gets better with resting
  • Stiffness particularly after rest, but stiffness is normally eased after a minute when you get moving
  • When you move your knee you experience a crunching, creaking or grinding sensation
  • Hard swelling and inflammation

Other symptoms can include:

  • Your knee becomes less stable
  • Restricted motion knees become bent and bowed
  • The muscles around the joint become feeble

Stem cells therapy for knee arthritis


How stem cells are obtained?

The human body provides the adequate supply of stem cells to regenerate and repair the damaged tissues the stem cells are preserved in the marrow cavity of your bones, which is the easiest place to harvest the stem cells. The procedure is carried out in the office of the physician. The patient lies down on the stomach as the doctor cleans the injection site before numbing the skin and the bone. An exclusive needle is injected into the bone as for the suction of bone marrow, blood, which is rich in stem cells. Once the bone marrow, blood is taken, it is processed in the centrifuge to intensify and make the stem cells clean of the unnecessary cells that are not  required. Injecting the concentrated stem cell in your arthritis attacked knees to help you heal rapidly

Is the procedure painful

The procedure is well, bearable by the patient’s it is not like bone marrow biopsy neither it is as painful as well many patients claim it as not painful

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The Potential of Stem Cells in Healing Degenerated Joints!

Our human body consists of numerous cells that are responsible in forming specific organs such as muscles, tendons, brain, skin, ligaments, joints and bones. Apart from the two processes in which our body is involved is the degenerative and regenerative process. This happens in order to cope with the situation when older cells die and newer ones need to be formed. But there are times, when as a result of some injury the tissues get damaged. And the regenerative process becomes weaker, painful and less functional.

Stem Cell Injections!

The one treatment that is becoming renowned in giving the solution to severe diseases including arthritis as well as injuries is stem cell therapy. The breakdown of cartilage that occurs in the joint disease; arthritis is treated at in the best manner with stem cell injections. Arthritis stem cell therapy helps in alleviating pain and in slowing down the progression of further inflammation and weakening of the joints. This is all done, by making use the cells of a person’s own body and process them in the centrifuge in such a manner that they are able to cure the damaged cells.

How Are Stem Cells Obtained

While embarking the arthritis stem cell procedure, the patient is asked by the specialist to lie down. Then with the help of a special needle a sample of blood is extracted from some specific part of the body. The sample is then put in a centrifuge in order to concentrate and enhance the purification process of the cells. Eventually the most concentrated ones are left that helps in boosting the healing process of the damaged cells.

The Patient Will Avail A Number Of Benefits

The patients who are suffering from acute joint pain and degeneration should definitely opt for arthritis stem cell therapy as this is the only process that assists in tissue growth, cartilage growth and revitalizing the existing cartilage. The stem cell injection procedure since does not involve any external mediation, has no side effects at all.

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