Various Applications of Remarkable Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are primitive and one of the human body’s master cells that have great ability to differentiate, or develop into, a variety of specific cell types. There are different types of stem cells based upon their origin and potential to differentiate. One of the examples of stem cell therapy is bone marrow transplantation. This therapy is a regenerative medicine in which stem cells are extracted from a patient’s own bone marrow and then injected in the affected body area (hip muscles in case of hip injury) to relieve the pain.

Type of Stem Cells


In stem cell therapy the cells are broadly divided into three categories as follows:


Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs): These cells are grown in laboratory from cells acquired in the early embryo. ESCs have unending potential to produce specialized cells of the body that suggest numerous possibilities for extensive disease research and for discovering and inventing new medical therapies for various conditions.


Tissue Stem Cells: These are found in our bodies all our life with skin stem cells different from stem cells in the eye.


Reprogrammed Stem Cells: These stem cells are similar to embryonic stem cells; however, these are forged from adult specialized cells in laboratory. Researchers have succeeded in generating a patient’s new brain cells from these reprogrammed stem cells produced from skin samples belonging to affected patients with neurological disorders, like Parkinson’s disease or Down’s syndrome.

Effectiveness of the Therapy

Stem cell therapy is gaining massive popularity because of its non-invasive and safe method that produces natural results. It is being globally practiced for variety of applications including as an effective and affordable alternative to various surgeries such as hip replacement and elbow surgery. When Used with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), it performs marvelous results to handle hair loss, achieve hair growth, relieve knee pain, treat knee, joint, elbow and various other injuries, heal arthritic conditions, and fasten the healing process post-surgery

Final Note

If you or any of your loved one is seeking stem cell therapy for its persistent hair fall condition, arthritic pain, an alternative to any sort of surgery, or any other medical issue, get an expert advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing regenerative injection therapies into his everyday pain medicine practice for the past several years with remarkable results.

blog How Stem Cells Can Potentially Benefit You.

How Stem Cells Can Potentially Benefit You..!

Stem Cell therapy is gaining increasing popularity because of its effective treatment results.


Potential Benefits:

It has the ability to effectively treat various types of serious diseases that results in cellular and tissue damage. Furthermore, these are potentially applied to form cells and tissue for medical purposes. These are the universal cells that have the strange but unique ability to become any cell in the body. Furthermore, these cells keep on renewing themselves. Bit by bit these improve body functioning and repair body parts at a rapid rate.


Substitutes Organ Transplant

There are many patients that need organ transplant for their dysfunctional or damaged ones these days. However, many of them die awaiting a transplant since the number of patient is higher than that of available organs. In such situation stem cells offer a reliable and viable source of replacement cells to treat the conditions and can effectively reduce the mortality and morbidity for these patients awaiting transplants. Some of the areas where these cells perform potentially include: Parkinson’s disease, burn victims, type I diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and arthritis.


Certain Conditions:

Furthermore, there are many other conditions, though debilitating, are miraculously healed with the help of Stem Cells therapy and few of them are briefed as follows:


Diabetes: Patients of Type I diabetes have abnormal insulin regulation. With the help of the cells transplantation into diabetic patients, reduce their need for insulin injection.

Heart Disease: This therapy has shown promising results into heart disease. In this with the help of healthy cells the goal is to replace all of the damaged heart tissue.

Cancer: Healthy bone marrow transplants to receive healthy and fresh cells, which then multiply and give rise to increased different types of blood that, are essential for life. Such procedure is a life saving one for the patients of cancer whose marrow has been destroyed and damaged by radiation and chemotherapy.


Stay Cautioned:

Though the therapy is easy to apply, it must be taken from an experienced doctor. If you or any of your loved one is seeking stem cells therapy for any sort of any minor or major injury, temporary or chronic pain, or any debilitated condition, do contact us at 815-464-7212 to get professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar. He has been practicing the therapy for the past several years and helping patients recover from various types of minor ailments and chronic diseases. We will respond you within 24 hours.


Stem Cell Therapy – A Hope for Effective Treatment Processes!!

With the numerous advancements in the medical field, there comes the introduction of stem cell therapy that has managed to become the healer of countless diseases that the people face nowadays. It is only the matter of lack of awareness that people still opt for surgical methods and are doomed with the prolonged treatment that is it takes months and months to settle the patient to return back properly in their lives healthy and fit.

Slowly and gradually paving the way to move forward, scientists are exploring in depth the features and functionality of stem cells and how they qualify in treating some of the very serious diseases affecting the world.

The Cell Based Therapies

Having the ability to transform into another cell as per the requirement by the body is one of the vital functions of the stem cells. For instance, if your hip bone, your knees or you are suffering from some shoulder injury then there come the stem cells that acting as an alternative to surgeries have the ability of transforming into the repairing tissues, healing the damage in any specific region of the body.

There have been another application for stem cells and that is for other medical therapies to form cells and tissues. Today the people who are opting for transplants is much higher, and the people thinking there is no other way out die waiting for transplants. With stem cells, the rate of people opting for transplants can be largely reduced. The areas that can be benefited with stem cell therapy are:

  • Arthritis
  • Burn victims
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Type I diabetes
  • Acute Leukemia

The Potential To Reverse Diseases

Having the potential of reversing the diseases, stem cell therapy provides a renewable source for replacing those cells that are suffering from diseases.

The most pain bearing victims are the burn victims who besides suffering the wounds also have to face the challenges of healing. In such situation stem cell therapy can be used to produce new and healthy tissues.

At Chicago Stemcell Therapy with a team of specialists you will be able to receive the most brilliant treatment. In case of any disease you are most welcome to book at 815-464-7212.

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Coping Knee Injuries With Stem Cell Therapy!

According to a research, there are about 47.5% million adults who are under high impact of arthritis. Moreover, it has also been reported that approx 46% are likely to be affected by this disease. Adding to this the most common point that is usually affected by arthritis is the knee. People being unaware that they are suffering from this issue, often don’t know that why their knee is being hurt or why they have become vulnerable to knee injuries. This is an alarming situation signalling them to opt for proper knee injury treatment.

Traditional Treatments

Most of the patients who are fed up of their knee issues, in most cases opt for traditional treatments like non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic treatment that are not at all convincing and in many cases worsen a person’s functional disability. Adding to this, the failure rate of the surgical process includes 20% to 24%.

Injuries That are Related To Knee

There are almost 15% of sports injuries that are due to knee and 50% that are because of joint injuries. If talked about knee joint injuries, then these are commonly related to ligament tears or worn down cartilage. The end result of all this is chronic knee pain that occurs because of the friction between the surfaces of two large bones.

For proper knee injury treatments, the diagnosis is carried out by physical examination such as an MRI, or looking for the internal area of the joints through arthoscopy. There are also some conservative treatments through which knee pain can be treated with treatments such as rest, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and bracing. There are a large number of patients, who suffer from knee injuries that do not heal spontaneously.

Stem Cell therapy Breaks the Deadlock!!

With numerous advancements in the medical field, stem cell therapy has become one of the potential treatments that are able to cure such injuries. These stem cells are drawn from a person’s own body and are then placed on the area of arthritis causing minimum pain and difficulty. And since the stem cells are obtained from one’s own body so there is no trouble that they may be rejected. When considering that how stem cell will be able to bring you on the normal track lets take the example of an athlete. Due to a severe knee injury, it becomes compulsory for him to leave the ground and follow the medications or opt for the surgical options. But instead of going for these traditional treatments, it is best if you opt for stem cell treatment that will definitely serve in decreasing the time required in returning back to the playground and resume his active schedule.

Looking for proper knee injury treatment? You are most welcome to approach Chicago Stem Cell and book an appointment at 815-464-7212

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Stem Cell Therapy – A Best Treatment Option For Tennis Elbow!!

Tennis elbow is said to be as the condition in which the tendons of the elbow suffer from inflammation, reason being the overuse of the muscles and the forearm. The tennis elbow, no doubt brings a very severe and drastic pain, but it shouldn’t land the patient into the decision of surgery. With certain medical advancements today, stem cell treatment is considered as a really good alternative to elbow surgery.

All depends on how severe the problem is. If the tennis elbow is mild then it is only a period of rest as it would get better by natural healing. But if, in case it is chronic then it is up to the pain management specialist to diagnose and treat it in the best possible manner.

Causes That Contribute In Tennis Elbow


According to recent studies, the reason behind the occurrence of tennis elbow is the any any damage caused to a specific forearm muscle. These are due to the ECRB muscles that get weak due to overuse and eventually leads to inflammation and pain.

If the specific task is not stopped, then the damage becomes worse, as the ECRB muscle might be at a risk. Moreover, when the elbow bends or straightens and as the time passes gradual wear and tear is observed.


By the name it seems that only athletes become the victims of tennis elbow. But in actuality, people participating in recreational activities, when frequently use their forearm muscles get in trouble.

Likewise, people who are involved in such a profession where repetitive movements are required as well as lifting such as painters, plumbers, carpenters, auto workers, cooks, butchers etc suffer from tennis elbow.


Though anyone can become the victim of tennis elbow, but most people in an age group of 30 and 50 suffer from it. So, it can also be said that age is also a contributing factor to this problem.

Had the patients attained the knowledge of the alternative to elbow surgery, they would have been away from much worse conditions that might take place in the absence of any proper treatment.

Surgery or Stem Cell Therapy?

At Chicago Stem Cell, with the involvement of a specialist team, stem cell therapy is utilized, that absolutely serves as a tissue healer and assists in the regeneration for multiple conditions and injuries.

In a situation, when surgery is performed, a large incision is made in order to remove the defected tissue and attach a healthy muscle to the bone. This larger incision brings with it a number of risks such as loss of strength, flexibility, a prolonged rehabilitation period etc.

On the other hand, stem cell therapy involves taking stem cells from one’s own body and injecting them into the damaged area. This way stem cell therapy becomes as an alternative to elbow surgery, as it heals tissues, regenerates the affected tendons thereby giving the elbow its original strength and flexibility.

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Cure Your Knee Damage With Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

People get hit by an accident, fall from a certain height or the athletes whose work is to be there on the ground are fit and playing healthily with a winning attitude when face the problem of a knee injury are forced to sit at home and cut off their usual tasks or refrain from participating in an activity that they like the most. Today, with numerous advancements in the medical field Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is considered as a breakthrough that provides huge help in treating the people with knee pain or the pain due to injuries to the knee meniscus, as ACL or MCL cartilage and even those going through degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Adding to some more merits, let’s discuss some knee conditions that can be treated with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:

  • ACL sprain or tear
  • Arthritis
  • Baker’s cyst
  • Biceps Femoris Insertional Tendinopathy
  • Hamstrings Tendinopathy
  • Instability
  • LCL sprain or tear
  • MCL sprain or tear
  • Meniscus tears
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome/Chondomalacia
  • PCL sprain or tear
  • Pes anersine bursitis

Ask the doctors and they will tell you how many cases do they deal of knee problems daily. Osteoarthritis which was considered once, as a disease of the elderly, now is becoming more and more common in patients ranging from 20 to 50 years. According to a prediction made in the journal of Jone and Joint Surgery (JBJS), in 2030 there will be a 670 percent increase in the number of knee replacements. This figure will start taking its place, unless measures are taken to avoid it.

The Formula for Keeping your Knee Joints Healthy

In order to keep your knee joints healthy and avoid any surgical treatment, follow the below mentioned steps:

Weight Loss

The more weight you gain, the more it will be dangerous for your knees as there will be a lot of pressure on your knees. So, losing weight would be great as it will reduce pressure on your knees.

Strengthen Your Quadriceps

According to a recent study, the patients who have thicker quadriceps muscles have less pain and cartilage damage as compared to the ones who have smaller quadriceps since years. In such a case swimming, cycling are some of the very beneficial exercises that keep the knees strong and thus improves the blood flow and build muscles.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Known as a natural process, platelet rich plasma therapy apart from its numerous benefits, is made popular with athletes like Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods, who made the most of this treatment and fought with their knee problems.

These steps will serve best in strengthening your knees without any need of surgery.

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Kansas Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles had Stem Cell Treatment for his Torn ACL

Jamaal Charles recently revealed that he underwent stem cell treatment to speed up his recovery from his torn ACL in his right knee. He is very much determined to be back in the game at the beginning of the 2016 season.

Previously, Charles has had his ACL torn back in 2011 as well. He has a pretty great idea of how painful and long the recovery from this knee condition can be. This is why he opted for stem cell therapy that promises a faster and natural healing. The first injection containing his own stem cells was given to Charles during his ligament repair surgery. After six weeks, he got one more stem cell injection. This treatment works using a person’s own bone marrow, extracting the stem cells and injecting them in the point of injury.

“This is an orthobiologic era,” said Dr. Zaki Anwar, an orthopedic surgeon at Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center. “Our aim is to find out the formula, the perfect cocktail to heal injuries quicker and better.”

Stem cell treatment has gained immense popularity among NFL players. However, the use of this treatment is very limited in the US. Being a relatively new treatment option, its effectiveness is still in question by many.

“Several studies show a positive outcome, but not all the studies,” Dr. Anwar said. “The research the effectiveness of stem cell in ACL reconstruction is in its initial phase, and we are only learning more and more things at this point of time.”

Dr. Anwar says the surgery that Charles explained resembles the kind of procedures he performs on patients himself. He pointed out that it is believed that this treatment has limited risk which makes it a better option. It’s a graft that will recover faster, better and stronger, which makes it worth it.

“Right now, there seem to be no risks,” Dr. Anwar said. “The procedures are well-tolerated and appear to be safe.”

Soon after getting the knee injury during the October match with the Chicago Bears, Charles went through a surgery by renowned orthopedic surgeon James Andrews. He’s the same doctor who repaired Charles’ torn ACL in 2011. He is aiming to return to the field for the 2016 regular season. Andy Reid, the coach of Kansas Chiefs confirms that Charles is moving ahead to do just that.

Recovering from an ACL injury can be a long and painful process. Thanks to stem cell therapy, a faster and safer recovery has becomes possible.


How Nathan Eovaldi’s arm recovered Through PRP Therapy!!

Keeping in view the optimum benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma, many famous athletes have opted for it. Tiger Woods, tennis star Rafael Nadal and many others chose this treatment to get rid of their sprained knee or chronic tendon injuries. These types of treatments were normally sorted out with medications, physical therapy or even surgery. But today, majority opts for prp therapy as it helps to make them come back to their game more quickly.

The Baseball Superstar and PRP

It was a blow, when the Baseball superstar pitcher, Nathan Eovaldi was struck by an elbow inflammation. Knowing the intensity of this chronic issue, it was predicted by the officials that the superstar will be out of the game for at least two weeks. Many others also predicted that his recovery might take an entire month or exclude him from all of the playoffs.

On the other hand, Nathan’s doctors advised him to go for prp therapy. In the procedure mentioned, the patient’s own blood is taken in order to create a healing serum that can then be injected into the affected area. PRP treatment in a nutshell, is a non surgical treatment that relieves the people from pain who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, athletic injuries, bone damage, soft tissue damage, whiplash and chronic pain. The top three benefits of PRP that become the reason for choosing this treatment include:

Low Risk Procedure – As the procedure is performed using the patient’s own blood that eventually reduces the tendency to have any infection or allergic reactions; it becomes an all in all, low risk procedure.

Recovery Time – The entire therapy takes approx one to two hours. Moreover, people who undergo this treatment return quickly to their jobs and lead a normal healthy life. Some even witness relief after the first injection.

Long Term Relief – Healing is accelerated in this procedure as it stimulates tissue reproduction. Furthermore, studies have shown that prp therapy is very effective in pain alleviation and grants long term relief. Adding to this, it is also observed from ultrasound and images that prp therapy is capable in rebuilding tissues.

When such are the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma, then it serves best for the athletes to bring them back on the track and let them continue their game.

The likelihood of orthopedic injuries in athletes

Due to the pitching position in which the arm is stretched repeatedly, the baseball players are at much higher risk to suffer from orthopedic injuries. If not diagnosed or treated properly, it leads to stress, painful inflammation or to further complications. Considering all this, Nathan Eovaldi, decided to opt for prp therapy that being a natural process will accelerate the healing process.

The Right Decision

At such a point when Nathan’s condition was being predicted as not at all good for resuming the game, including him any such athlete would have been stressed. But after choosing the option of prp therapy, there were many positive effects that were witnessed post the treatment. According to his dad, his condition after the treatment became much better, such that his arm was feeling back to normal. Nathan also witnessed that after the therapy, he could feel an extra energy in himself such that his body was healing faster as per the energy that was given to create extra blood cells.

When an athlete with such chronic pain can recover why not others who find their careers ceased due to some orthopedic injuries. Go for prp therapy and kick start a stronger and healthier lifestyle today!!


How To Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery Using Stem Cell Treatment

Involved in much of the bodily movements, the hip injury is particularly very painful. Being the largest joint in the body, the hip joint handles a lot of pressure of the body.

There are a variety of disorders that lead to chronic hip pain. After a proper diagnosis if due to a specific problem this pain arises then this makes stem cell treatment a very balanced option. It mostly happens that hip pain is because of some another source, for say low back pain. Or in some cases degenerative osteoarthritis may also lead to this type of excruciating pain.

Being a cartilage capsule the hip labrum lines the femoral neck. This is the area that gets damaged or torn. In order to get this issue resolved surgery is being performed. This depicts an increase in surgery, though keeping in consideration the recovery period and the side effects it should not at all be an option.

Efforts for Healthy Hip Restoration

With the strength to be normal and healthy once again, there come the efforts with which each and every issue can be resolved, and if in case not cured then there is at least alleviation in pain. Out of lack of awareness and knowledge, people opt for hip replacement surgery and they get frustrated when they see no improvement in their previous and present condition. And if in case some improvement is observed then it is not permanent.

In your body, stem cells are everywhere, having the ability to transform in that particular cell that needs repairing. With them, you will find easy movement in your hip joint as with stem cell it is possible to restore and replace the old damaged tissue with the new healthy ones. So, why opt for a treatment that is risky, why not go for something that makes the most of your own body, making itself an all in all no harmful treatment.

The Boost of Stem Cells

By not opting for the hip replacement surgery and opting for stem cells, your body gets an acceleration of more tools required for repairing the damage. In the end an increased mobility and a significant decrease in pain is observed. Same as stem cell, PRP has the same benefits, but it is a different method. Platelet Rich Plasma is basically a e filled plasma that is rich in platelets. These are the one found in blood, containing over 30 growth factors that help in the healing of tissue damage, cuts, and wounds.

No, For Hip Replaement Surgery

You may freely opt for stem cell or PRP treatment as both are non-invasive and organic. Unlike in the hip replacement surgery or surgery of any kind, there will no overnight stays in the hospital and the patient will be able to leave right after the procedure. Throughout the world, now stem cell therapy and PRP treatments are used resolve all issues from hip pain to any other kind granting much relief and immediate return to a normal and healthy life.

Schedule an Appointment

Expert in all pain management modalities, Dr. Zaki Anwar, at Chicago Stem Cell treats thousands of patients suffering from acute hip pain. For any query relating to this or if you are looking for an appointment, you may contact Dr. Anwar at 815-464-7212.


With PRP Therapy Make a Come Back In the Game!!

As medical advancement continues to grow, we are coming across many attributes of PRP Treatment and now it is the most effective and trusted treatment for your knee injury. Those athletes, who have acquired PRP injection therapy for their injured knee are happy to experience good results.

PRP is best beyond your Thoughts

This specific treatment is performed by following three basic steps and they are:

  • Taking your own blood
  • Enhance the amount of platelets that results in boosting the blood’s growth factors
  • It is made sure that your body’s natural mechanism is able to promote healing

This particular treatment is said to be groundbreaking, revolutionary and innovative as it has proven to give good results, specifically when it comes to knee injury. Although PRP has recently become famous in orthopedic’s field, but it is actually in dentists’ use since the 1970s. This particular treatment has been proven to be the best option for musculoskeletal injuries back in 2010, as researchers taking part in the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons manifested that it is capable to treat knee osteoarthritis,advanced Achilles Tendinitis and Tennis elbow.

First Choice Of Athletes For Their Injured Knee

If you want to confirm the rise of PRP, you have to know about professional athletes such as Peyton Manning, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Opting for this specific treatment of athletes has made Platelet-rich Plasma the most prominent treatment.

It May Get You Back To Your Game

Once the treatment option that was only for elite and professional athletes, now many athletes totally rely on it for their knee injury. Now opting for PRP Injection Therapy is very easy and that is why many athletes have made up their minds to undergo this treatment. Hines Ward is the sport’s personality, who has got the series of PRP injections in order to recover from an injury.


In order to avail this treatment by an experienced doctor, the thing which you have to focus is to find the best and an experienced clinic. Chicago Stem Cell Therapy in this regard is the best place to go, where you will find staff and doctors performing PRP knee treatment most effectively. So, don’t waste your time and feel free to contact on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.