Stem Cell Therapy – Helping The Athletes To Recover Faster!

Stem cell therapy is becoming the one secret that is bringing numerous athletes back into the game after any severe injuries. From football, soccer, baseball, tennis etc sportsmen usually face a lot of musculoskeletal injuries that becomes a setback for them due to which they have to quit the game and rest to let the injuries heal fully. Because game is their passion, these athletes are always eager to approach any kind of treatment and thus return back into the game as soon as possible.

Athlete Injuries

Now whether you are a cyclist facing a severe knee injury, a swimmer troubled about his painful shoulders, do not opt for the traditional methods including surgery or over the counter medications. Instead choose stem cell injections that will not only relieve your pain but will also cure your injury without any side effects. People must keep this in mind that surgery is not only the solution for all their injuries. In fact a surgery brings with it a lot of issues and also the risk of temporary healing the injury being faced.

If you are a follower of all kinds of sports, you must have definitely heard about Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous footballer who suffered from a knee injury. His injury took place during a match against Villarreal. Hence Ronaldo in order to get back into the game opted for the stem cell treatment; a process that utilizes a person’s own cells and works in a manner such that it heals the defected tissues effectively.

What are the Most common Sports Injuries!

Stem cell injections have become the preferably best treatment for the below mentioned sports injuries:

  • Ankle and foot injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Wrist
  • Hip injury
  • Elbow injury
  • Knee injury etc

The process is performed by extracting a sample of blood from the patient. This is then spun around in a centrifuge in order to separate the platelets with other cells. The concentrated platelets mix is then injected into the injured area to stimulate the healing process.


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How Stem Cell Therapy IS Becoming A Sign of Hope for The Athletes!!

For all those athletes out there, who apart from their passion have to keep their body constantly fit and healthy keeping in view their body’s demand for being in motion most of the time, should not only take utmost care of themselves but should also be concerned even about a small injury. Because in such a situation, it might be a set back on their performance reason being their health. This would eventually lead to depression for the athletes as they are not able to participate like they used to with full enthusiasm. And in worse situations the athletes are usually asked to quit the game for a few days.

The Main Trouble

It is undoubtedly a fact that everyone is prone to injury no matter whatever tasks they are involved in. As a result of some knee injury or any bone related problem, many renowned athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Kobe Bryant etc went through the same phase when they received different injuries. At that time to chose stem cell therapy procedure, that assisted them in regaining their strength and coming back into the game.

Famous Athletes & the Injuries

Mentioned below are the athletes and their injury related details considering which they opted for stem cell injections.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Known to be as the most liked and a great football player who suffered from the set back of torn thigh muscle

Pau Gasol

A Spanish professional football player who has earned the NBA All-star award six times and All-NBA selection four times got struck by an acute knee injury which lead to the degeneration of the knee tissues

Rafael Nadal

He is a Spanish professional tennis player who is known to be as biggest clay court champ in the entire tennis history. It was due to his chronic back pain, that he approached the stem cell therapy treatment.

Garrett Richards

He is known to be as the American professional baseball pitcher for the Major League Baseball. He had to face a setback in his game because of his acute elbow injury; a damage that occurred in the inside of the elbow.

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