Stem Cell Therapy – A Superb Option For Knee Treatment!!

Osteoarthritis, said to be a condition which is faced by many, at the time when they are in their middle age and become slowly and gradually are restricted in their own room just resting and resting all day. Apart from this, it is faced by the people in a younger age provided they are an athlete or a fall or by lifting some heavy object they were lead to an acute knee injury.

Today, with several advancements in the medical field stem cell injections have been found as the most popular solution that helps in treating various chronic problems that are a reason in halting the life style of many. Now, there are several conditions that are treated best with stem cell injections, such as:

Conditions Treated with Stem Cell Therapy

  • Spinal pain
  • Chronic radiculopathy
  • Muscular tears
  • Osteoarthritis of the joints, including knee, hip, shoulder and ankle joints
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, patellar tendon tears and quadriceps
  • Rotator cuff tears etc

Stem cells for Knee Injury

There are numerous injuries that people get by while playing their favourite game or performing some other chore involving their knees. The wear and tear of the joints in the knee might lead to osteoarthritis. The main reason that turns an untreated knee injury into osteoarthritis of the joints is the loss of the cartilage from the bones of the knee joint. As a result of the arthritic process the cartilage wears away including both, from a person’s weight or some previous injury. The major symptoms of osteoarthritis include swelling, clicking, grinding and chronic pain at the time when you sleep.

Arthritis, being a very chronic disease is said to be an unfortunately incurable or irreversible condition. Adding to this PRP has qualified its worth in helping alleviate the chronic knee pain and thus improve the quality of life.

PRP, Effective for Knee pain

Studies today have shown that in order to treat chronic knee injury PRP injections have been found very effective. Moreover, it has also been found that opting for PRP injections lessens the progression or the worsening of arthritis thus minimizing the pain associated with some knee injury.

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With Stem Cell Therapy Accelerate The Recovery Process!!

While thinking about Olympics, for us it is only a fun filled approach to watch and support the ones we are favouring. It is for us a sort of enjoyment to watch different matches and support the players we like the most. But for the athletes who are involved in this game, for them it is once in a lifetime opportunity in which they have to prepare before months, practice for their performance and make sure that they are fit and away from any injury.

Now you can imagine that if such players get accidently injured before this big event they are not only emotionally hurt but also become physically weak. Today, with numerous advancements in the medical field, stem cell therapy is gaining ground in treating all such patients and bringing them back to the game. From treating the shoulder injuries, serving as an alternative to elbow surgery stem cell injections have proven their benefits and resulting in the successful therapies.

Athletes Found Relief

For say the patient/athlete is being treated for a shoulder injury, then the medical procedure would involve introducing stem cells directly into the area of the affected area enhancing the body’s own healing process. Drawn from the athletes’ fat tissues or bone marrow the mesenchymal stem cells are injected into the area that underwent a serious injury where the growth of the new bone, cartilage, muscle or connective tissues is witnessed.

The Renowned Athletes

Your favourite players that are the famous athletes that opted for stem cell therapy are elaborated as below:

Kobe Bryant, a gold medallist basketball player opted for stem cell therapy for his right knee injury treatment. After receiving this treatment he was able to join back in the game and continue his passion.

Tensed about his knee and spine, the very well known and favourite of many; Rafael Nadal, Spanish gold medallist tennis player opted for stem cell therapy treatment.

To get the cure of knee injury treatment, Dara Torres, the American medallist swimmer chose stem cell injections for healing his damaged cartilage.  The treatment worked wonders and she was bale to return back into the game and even participate in the Olympics.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from any severe issue of the body and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing regenerative injection therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.

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Coping Knee Injuries With Stem Cell Therapy!

According to a research, there are about 47.5% million adults who are under high impact of arthritis. Moreover, it has also been reported that approx 46% are likely to be affected by this disease. Adding to this the most common point that is usually affected by arthritis is the knee. People being unaware that they are suffering from this issue, often don’t know that why their knee is being hurt or why they have become vulnerable to knee injuries. This is an alarming situation signalling them to opt for proper knee injury treatment.

Traditional Treatments

Most of the patients who are fed up of their knee issues, in most cases opt for traditional treatments like non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic treatment that are not at all convincing and in many cases worsen a person’s functional disability. Adding to this, the failure rate of the surgical process includes 20% to 24%.

Injuries That are Related To Knee

There are almost 15% of sports injuries that are due to knee and 50% that are because of joint injuries. If talked about knee joint injuries, then these are commonly related to ligament tears or worn down cartilage. The end result of all this is chronic knee pain that occurs because of the friction between the surfaces of two large bones.

For proper knee injury treatments, the diagnosis is carried out by physical examination such as an MRI, or looking for the internal area of the joints through arthoscopy. There are also some conservative treatments through which knee pain can be treated with treatments such as rest, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and bracing. There are a large number of patients, who suffer from knee injuries that do not heal spontaneously.

Stem Cell therapy Breaks the Deadlock!!

With numerous advancements in the medical field, stem cell therapy has become one of the potential treatments that are able to cure such injuries. These stem cells are drawn from a person’s own body and are then placed on the area of arthritis causing minimum pain and difficulty. And since the stem cells are obtained from one’s own body so there is no trouble that they may be rejected. When considering that how stem cell will be able to bring you on the normal track lets take the example of an athlete. Due to a severe knee injury, it becomes compulsory for him to leave the ground and follow the medications or opt for the surgical options. But instead of going for these traditional treatments, it is best if you opt for stem cell treatment that will definitely serve in decreasing the time required in returning back to the playground and resume his active schedule.

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With PRP Therapy Make a Come Back In the Game!!

As medical advancement continues to grow, we are coming across many attributes of PRP Treatment and now it is the most effective and trusted treatment for your knee injury. Those athletes, who have acquired PRP injection therapy for their injured knee are happy to experience good results.

PRP is best beyond your Thoughts

This specific treatment is performed by following three basic steps and they are:

  • Taking your own blood
  • Enhance the amount of platelets that results in boosting the blood’s growth factors
  • It is made sure that your body’s natural mechanism is able to promote healing

This particular treatment is said to be groundbreaking, revolutionary and innovative as it has proven to give good results, specifically when it comes to knee injury. Although PRP has recently become famous in orthopedic’s field, but it is actually in dentists’ use since the 1970s. This particular treatment has been proven to be the best option for musculoskeletal injuries back in 2010, as researchers taking part in the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons manifested that it is capable to treat knee osteoarthritis,advanced Achilles Tendinitis and Tennis elbow.

First Choice Of Athletes For Their Injured Knee

If you want to confirm the rise of PRP, you have to know about professional athletes such as Peyton Manning, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Opting for this specific treatment of athletes has made Platelet-rich Plasma the most prominent treatment.

It May Get You Back To Your Game

Once the treatment option that was only for elite and professional athletes, now many athletes totally rely on it for their knee injury. Now opting for PRP Injection Therapy is very easy and that is why many athletes have made up their minds to undergo this treatment. Hines Ward is the sport’s personality, who has got the series of PRP injections in order to recover from an injury.


In order to avail this treatment by an experienced doctor, the thing which you have to focus is to find the best and an experienced clinic. Chicago Stem Cell Therapy in this regard is the best place to go, where you will find staff and doctors performing PRP knee treatment most effectively. So, don’t waste your time and feel free to contact on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.