Is stem cell therapy a safe alternative to elbow surgery?


 Tennis elbow is a physically agonizing elbow condition arise when the joining tissues of the forearm muscles to the elbow gets inflamed because of excessive use of the elbow. Tennis elbow is a frequently reported elbow joint injury among the athletes specifically those who take part in racquet sports such as tennis, however, other intense movements can also bring several risks of painful elbow

Several cases of tennis elbow are treated well with physical therapy and NSAIDs. Though the painkiller drugs and physical therapy don’t produce the desired outcome, surgery is opted to cut off the inflamed tissue from the tendons or to repair the torn tendons of the elbow

Surgery for tennis elbow or injured elbow condition is not the best solution always as the recovery is as long as 3 to 6 months and  for many patients it brings several consequences including

  • Decreased mobility and range of motion in the elbow
  • Weakness in the forearm

In most cases, patients are usually advised to immediately stop the activity that cause elbow injury or pain, there are several alternatives to elbow surgery, however, the most fruitful is the stem cell therapy for patients experiencing elbow injuries from overuse of the elbow. The stem cell therapy serves the most rapid recovery without allowing the patients to discontinue their routinely activities

How stem  cell serves as an alternative to elbow surgery?

Stem cell therapy for elbow injuries, specifically the tennis elbow is an outpatient procedure and takes only a couple of hours to be completed. The process is carried with the harvesting of the stem cells from blood, fat tissues, or bone marrow. The stem cells have the ability to modify themselves into the type of cells required at the site of injury, such as muscles, tissues, tendons or cartilages to facilitate healing

After being harvested the stem cells are blended with the growth factors, including human growth hormones such as HGH to produce a higher combination of stem cells that are directly infused to the patient’s elbow with the guidance of an ultrasound. The injected stem cells quickly begin the natural healing process of repairing the torn tendons

When to expect the results?

Soon after being injected with the stem cell starts the healing process spontaneously, however the complete results will not be seen immediately. The patients will experience reduction in pain within a period of 3 to 4 weeks, and as the stem cells continue to repair the joints more relief from pain will be experienced by the patients

As an alternative to elbow surgery stem cell works wonders for injuries such as tennis elbow only a single dose of stem cell injection helps relieves pain and inflammation

For most patients, a single stem cell injection is all that is needed to heal their tennis elbow. For patients with severe damage, a second stem cell injection may be necessary after a month from the first injection. The number of stem cell injections will be determined after our orthopedic surgeons examine a patient’s elbow.


Stem Cell Therapy – A Sign of Hope for The Athletes!

The renowned stem cell therapy, today is gaining more popularity in treating different diseases as well as severe injuries and restoring the patients in a healthy situation back again. Now, people belonging to any field be it sports, people involved in some office work etc when are struck be severe injuries, choose stem cell therapy as the only option that would not only cure their injury but also give them back their strength. Considering its numerous advantages and the healing mechanisms associated with stem cell therapy sports organizations and many athletes are now hopeful to return back to the game in case of injuries.

Starting from the baseball players, the tennis players to the football players, stem cell therapy is being embraced extensively in order to reduce the athlete’s recovery time and heal the damaged tissues or the lost tissues in the body. Let’s see the number of patients who have opted the stem cell therapy treatment.

Athletes Who Chose Stem Cell Therapy!

Be it knee injury or any athlete suffering from shoulder injury, stem cell therapy have been proven to give them the satisfied results.

Rafael Nadal

Being a professional tennis player and known as one of the greatest player in the tennis history, he chose stem cell therapy in order to treat his severe knee injury. The benefit that he availed with this therapy can be understood from the fact that he made an impressive come back into the game.

Bartolo Colon

Because of a severe elbow problem and right rotator cuff, Bartolo Colon known as one of the most active player in major league baseball had to miss his entire season. Then after learning about the regenerative medicine he opted for the stem cell therapy procedure. In the procedure, his bone marrow was spun in a centrifuge and separated from the blood material. After this Colon’s own body fat was injected into his elbow and shoulder in order to repair the ligament damage.

Pau Gasol

Due to the acute stem cell injection, Pau Gasol; the six times NBA All star player had to come down to crutches and eventually was unable to continue the basketball game. What made him come back into the game again were the autologous stem cell injections with the help of which the regeneration in the tissue was stimulated.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from debilitating sports injuries and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464- 7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing stem cell injection therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.


Stem Cell Therapy – A Hopeful Treatment for Shoulder Injuries!

A shoulder joint, the most important one in our body, when damaged as a result of some accident or the overuse of the muscles around the tendons, makes it really problematic for the people to carry on with their daily tasks. This is because the rotation is majorly disturbed and the support is altogether lessened.

Athletes usually face rotator cuff injuries, which compel them to quit the game for some days as their condition becomes unable to play with the previous enthusiasm. Stem cell therapy is the only known treatment today that is giving the victims the results they are wishing for. Considering this, many renowned athletes are opting for this procedure.

What are the Most Commonly Treated Shoulder Conditions?

With stem cell therapy, the conditions that are treated include:

  • Recurrent shoulder dislocations
  • Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
  • AC Joint separation
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Labral tears or degeneration
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Arthritis of the shoulder joint

How Stem cells Qualify for Shoulder treatment?

Numerous patients opting for the stem cell therapy process and are eventually coming out to be the happy patients with the pain alleviated and the condition much better than before. Stem cells are already present in our body, and these are the ones that are responsible for the healing of any injured bone, ligament, tendons and tissues. But as a result of some chronic shoulder injury, or with the passage of time as people get older, the area in our body that is in dire need of stem cells isn’t satisfied the way it should be. This can result in acute pain or shoulder injury that demands time for healing. For the procedure, into the bone of the patient a needle is inserted in order to withdraw the bone marrow blood. Containing stem cells, when the blood is drawn it is then spun around in a centrifuge to separate the required cells with the not-needed ones. Lastly, the full concentrated amount of stem cells are left that are indeed for the purpose of curing the shoulder injury or any other associated with the body.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from shoulder injury and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464- 7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing stem cell injection therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.


Unlocking the Potential of Stem Cells!!

You might be the one worried about your loved one, suffering from a terrible injury and you might be feeling highly depressed as after visiting different medical centres you are not satisfied by any of the treatment. You do not think, any type of treatment is so much worthy that would give your beloved the relaxation of getting rid from the disease.

Surely, you might have heard about stem cells and all the interest that is being developed regarding their potential of curing numerous diseases. But you might be unaware of how they can be utilized and can benefit you or your loved one in any type of condition.

What are they?

Stem cells are said to be the body’s raw materials from which other cells having different functions are generated. Stem cells are then formed into other cells known as daughter cells, which happen under the body’s right conditions.

The rising Interest in stem cells!!

Stem cell injection, today are found to help the researchers and the doctors thereby opening new doors of advancements in the medical field.

How diseases Occur?

Through stem cells the researchers today are able to clearly understand how the diseases in a human body occur. The way stem cells mature into the cells of bones, nerves, heart muscles, organs and tissues assists the researchers in better comprehending how stem cell therapy is being able to treat various diseases or injuries.

Diseased cells replaced by Healthy Ones

People suffering from the following are greatly benefitted by stem cell therapy:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Burns
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis

Stem cells have the potential in becoming new tissues and in replacing the damaged ones with the healthy ones thereby healing different injuries and serving as an alternative to surgical methods. For instance, stem cell therapy today, is effectively found as an alternative to elbow surgery towards which many athletes approach when they are unaware of the numerous benefits stem cell treatment has.

Testing new Drugs

Stem cells are also utilized in testing the safety of the investigational drugs. When new medicines are being given to the patients then stem cells are found to be very useful in identifying the betterment of the drug for the specific patient.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from any injury and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing regenerative injection therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.