With Stem Cell Therapy Treat Your Rotator Cuff Tears!!

An Injury associated with shoulders; rotator cuff tear that occurs because of the irritation or sometimes due to the overuse of the muscles or tendons. It is also considered as one of the most common problems associated with the shoulders. Behind shoulder pain the biggest reason is the rotator cuff tears that bring with them stiffness, weakness, loss of motion and function.

It has been reported that almost 2 million Americans today are suffering from this problem. Some approach the surgical options, while the re-tear rate after a surgery has been noted to be 20-90%. Considering the medical advancements, Stem cell therapy, having the potential of treating numerous problems, should be chosen as the best treatment therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Or Surgery?

After being fed up of the long rehab process and the long recovery period that is linked with a surgery, people are looking forward for some other option that will cure their injury as soon as possible. After authentic research it has been observed that in some cases the reason behind rotator cuff tears is the lack of stem cells. Due to lack of blood supply, the surrounding tissues and muscles get weakened and hence less stem cell are brought into the area where they could heal and rebuild the tendons.

To treat rotator cuff tears, stem cell therapy is the best solution that will overall restore the regenerative potential of the shoulder. Therefore without the need of surgery, your rotator cuff tears will be healed perfectly.

When is stem cell therapy used for Rotator Cuff Tears?

Stem cell therapy can be considered as a onestep solution for treating the damaged rotator cuffs.

  • Stem cell therapy is considered to be an alternative if the condition of the pain and the decreased motion persists. So, instead of any medication, cortisone shots or physical therapy opt for the stem cell treatment.
  • Considered to be as an alternative to shoulder surgery
  • An alternative for the patients, who have opted for surgery but as a result have failed to get their rotator cuff treated. They might have become depressed and would be looking for a second fix that would cure the problem. In such a case, stem cell therapy would be best that will help repair the rotator cuff tear.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from any severe issue of the body and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing regenerative injection therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.


Healing Sports Injuries – Stem Cell Therapy!!

Being an athlete, if you have recently got hurt and now you are unable to play or return back to your game, you must be in search of a long lasting treatment. Except stem cell therapy, there would be no other treatment that would gift you with a pain free condition. Yes, this therapy will give you an escape route towards getting rid of the problems such as joint, ligament, tendon pain and injuries as a result of sports or in the case of arthritis or other medical conditions.

For Torn Hamstring, Choose Stem Cell Therapy

According to a recent report, Christiano Ronaldo, the very famous football start of Real Madrid opted for stem cell therapy in order to get his torn hamstring treated. While playing football, hamstring injuries are very much common because of the over stretching of the muscles and tendons that often result in a tear.

According to an authentic study, the affordable stem cell therapy is now considered to be an attractive treatment for the athletes gifting them the great experience of regenerative therapies enhancing the body’s potential to repair the damaged tissues and resulting in long lasting fit and healthy condition.

For Broken Foot Bones, Choose Stem Cell Therapy

As a result of repeated stress or sudden injuries, the group of bones known as metatarsal, found in the foot have chances of being broken or fractured.

Regarding this, who can forget David Beckham who because of metatarsal sports injury opted for stem cell therapy.

Shedding some light upon the detail of metatarsal bone; it is fifth bone connecting to the little toe outside of the foot. In the case when this bone breaks then it becomes very problematic to heal it as it is the area in which the blood flow is very low.

Getting struck by an injury and thinking that you will not be able to perform with that fervour and enthusiasm like you used to is only a disheartening approach. With the affordable stem cell therapy on its rise and its solutions to a multiple range of problems, everyone needy of such kind of treatment must avail it and get rid of the chronic pain conditions.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from any severe issue of the body and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing regenerative injection therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.

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Stem Cell Therapy Treatment – What Questions To Ask?

If you are one of those who have already opted for surgery and has faced the problems associated with it, or you are one of those who have heard about stem cell therapy and want to get rid of your knee injury through stem cell therapy then you must also be well aware of the questions that are requisite before the treatment. Because these only will let you know that whether you are receiving the right treatment or not.

You should be well aware that will it be safe for your condition or not. Moreover, the experience of the specialist and his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment, all should be counted thoroughly.

Let’s dig in such question upon which a patient must ponder before the treatment

How much Experienced the Specialist Is?

According to various studies it has been proved that the more the surgeon/specialist is experienced the lower are the chances of any ineffective results or complications. You must ask about the experience the person treating you has. And also know the details about the number of stem cell treatments performed in that clinic.

Data should be Collected or not?

You must be well aware that whether the stem cell therapy center prefers filling out a questionnaire by their patients containing all the detailed information or not. Because this would be a sign predicting that the clinic is concerned about the pain location and the complications their patients are facing.

Is Your Physician a Specialist?

You would never want an untrained physician to give you the stem cell treatment and cure your knee or shoulder problems. So, make sure that you are thoroughly confirmed about the experience of the physician treating you.

If common medications are used?

Sometimes a common medication such as giving the patient local anesthesia can become the killer of the stem cells. Your doctor should be well aware of such situation.

Will stem cell cure everyone?

Stem cells are considered to be that parts of the body that help in healing. And the type of stem cells in every person varies from person to person. So, if some doctor says that your arthritic pain will be healed 100% then he is not being truthful with you.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from debilitating pain and looking for a safe and cost effective alternatives to hip replacement surgery, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464- 7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing regenerative injection therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.

blog How Stem Cells Can Potentially Benefit You.

How Stem Cells Can Potentially Benefit You..!

Stem Cell therapy is gaining increasing popularity because of its effective treatment results.


Potential Benefits:

It has the ability to effectively treat various types of serious diseases that results in cellular and tissue damage. Furthermore, these are potentially applied to form cells and tissue for medical purposes. These are the universal cells that have the strange but unique ability to become any cell in the body. Furthermore, these cells keep on renewing themselves. Bit by bit these improve body functioning and repair body parts at a rapid rate.


Substitutes Organ Transplant

There are many patients that need organ transplant for their dysfunctional or damaged ones these days. However, many of them die awaiting a transplant since the number of patient is higher than that of available organs. In such situation stem cells offer a reliable and viable source of replacement cells to treat the conditions and can effectively reduce the mortality and morbidity for these patients awaiting transplants. Some of the areas where these cells perform potentially include: Parkinson’s disease, burn victims, type I diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and arthritis.


Certain Conditions:

Furthermore, there are many other conditions, though debilitating, are miraculously healed with the help of Stem Cells therapy and few of them are briefed as follows:


Diabetes: Patients of Type I diabetes have abnormal insulin regulation. With the help of the cells transplantation into diabetic patients, reduce their need for insulin injection.

Heart Disease: This therapy has shown promising results into heart disease. In this with the help of healthy cells the goal is to replace all of the damaged heart tissue.

Cancer: Healthy bone marrow transplants to receive healthy and fresh cells, which then multiply and give rise to increased different types of blood that, are essential for life. Such procedure is a life saving one for the patients of cancer whose marrow has been destroyed and damaged by radiation and chemotherapy.


Stay Cautioned:

Though the therapy is easy to apply, it must be taken from an experienced doctor. If you or any of your loved one is seeking stem cells therapy for any sort of any minor or major injury, temporary or chronic pain, or any debilitated condition, do contact us at 815-464-7212 to get professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar. He has been practicing the therapy for the past several years and helping patients recover from various types of minor ailments and chronic diseases. We will respond you within 24 hours.


With Stem Cell Therapy Heal Yourself Positively

It is normal to get minor injuries in our day to day life. However, sometimes we get certain diseases that demand treatment, diligent care and time to get healed. Today, Stem Cell Therapy is popularly gaining treatment methodology that has the power to heal a wide range of diseases in a short span of time. With this therapy you can heal yourself positively as follows:


It is Natural and Safe:

In this treatment, natural and organic matter is extracted from patients’ own body containing no additives. That makes the therapy a safe and effective medical procedure.


The way it works:

One of the way Stem Cell therapy works is Regenerative medicine in which PRP is derived from your own blood. Because of its natural and safe procedure, there is no chance of allergic or immune reaction. The treated area grows healthy new tissues and repairs the degenerated ones.


Surgery Risks and Stem Cells Therapy:

Research shows that there are numerous risks associated to surgery that include: blood clots, damage of an artery, ligaments, nerve, joints, etc., infection, and fracture. On the contrary, in stem cell therapy there are minimum and less than one percent chances of infection.


Well known for Successful and quick recovery

Treatment for unlimited diseases

As per medical research by experienced professionals, there is no limit to the types of diseases that stem cell therapy can heal.


It is widely used

Today this therapy is widely used around the world. Furthermore, bone marrow transplantation based on this therapy is being used as life-saving technique that has helped thousands of people around the world who were patient of blood cancers, e.g. leukemia.



Using this therapy, pain can be mitigated and alleviated significantly. And most of the times it is eliminated permanently. That is the reason why it is well-known for successful results. Furthermore, the treatment procedure takes sufficiently less time to bring the patient to its normal lifestyle and day to day activities.


Since there are various treatment options based on Stem Cell Therapy, different diseases require different procedures. Therefore, it should always be taken by an experienced doctor who is expert in its profession. If you or someone you love is in need of this therapy, we recommend you to get consultation from Dr. Zaki Anwer regarding treatment options by taking an appointment at 815-464-7212.


Stem Cell Therapy – A Hope for Effective Treatment Processes!!

With the numerous advancements in the medical field, there comes the introduction of stem cell therapy that has managed to become the healer of countless diseases that the people face nowadays. It is only the matter of lack of awareness that people still opt for surgical methods and are doomed with the prolonged treatment that is it takes months and months to settle the patient to return back properly in their lives healthy and fit.

Slowly and gradually paving the way to move forward, scientists are exploring in depth the features and functionality of stem cells and how they qualify in treating some of the very serious diseases affecting the world.

The Cell Based Therapies

Having the ability to transform into another cell as per the requirement by the body is one of the vital functions of the stem cells. For instance, if your hip bone, your knees or you are suffering from some shoulder injury then there come the stem cells that acting as an alternative to surgeries have the ability of transforming into the repairing tissues, healing the damage in any specific region of the body.

There have been another application for stem cells and that is for other medical therapies to form cells and tissues. Today the people who are opting for transplants is much higher, and the people thinking there is no other way out die waiting for transplants. With stem cells, the rate of people opting for transplants can be largely reduced. The areas that can be benefited with stem cell therapy are:

  • Arthritis
  • Burn victims
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Type I diabetes
  • Acute Leukemia

The Potential To Reverse Diseases

Having the potential of reversing the diseases, stem cell therapy provides a renewable source for replacing those cells that are suffering from diseases.

The most pain bearing victims are the burn victims who besides suffering the wounds also have to face the challenges of healing. In such situation stem cell therapy can be used to produce new and healthy tissues.

At Chicago Stemcell Therapy with a team of specialists you will be able to receive the most brilliant treatment. In case of any disease you are most welcome to book at 815-464-7212.

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Stem Cell Therapy – A Best Treatment Option For Tennis Elbow!!

Tennis elbow is said to be as the condition in which the tendons of the elbow suffer from inflammation, reason being the overuse of the muscles and the forearm. The tennis elbow, no doubt brings a very severe and drastic pain, but it shouldn’t land the patient into the decision of surgery. With certain medical advancements today, stem cell treatment is considered as a really good alternative to elbow surgery.

All depends on how severe the problem is. If the tennis elbow is mild then it is only a period of rest as it would get better by natural healing. But if, in case it is chronic then it is up to the pain management specialist to diagnose and treat it in the best possible manner.

Causes That Contribute In Tennis Elbow


According to recent studies, the reason behind the occurrence of tennis elbow is the any any damage caused to a specific forearm muscle. These are due to the ECRB muscles that get weak due to overuse and eventually leads to inflammation and pain.

If the specific task is not stopped, then the damage becomes worse, as the ECRB muscle might be at a risk. Moreover, when the elbow bends or straightens and as the time passes gradual wear and tear is observed.


By the name it seems that only athletes become the victims of tennis elbow. But in actuality, people participating in recreational activities, when frequently use their forearm muscles get in trouble.

Likewise, people who are involved in such a profession where repetitive movements are required as well as lifting such as painters, plumbers, carpenters, auto workers, cooks, butchers etc suffer from tennis elbow.


Though anyone can become the victim of tennis elbow, but most people in an age group of 30 and 50 suffer from it. So, it can also be said that age is also a contributing factor to this problem.

Had the patients attained the knowledge of the alternative to elbow surgery, they would have been away from much worse conditions that might take place in the absence of any proper treatment.

Surgery or Stem Cell Therapy?

At Chicago Stem Cell, with the involvement of a specialist team, stem cell therapy is utilized, that absolutely serves as a tissue healer and assists in the regeneration for multiple conditions and injuries.

In a situation, when surgery is performed, a large incision is made in order to remove the defected tissue and attach a healthy muscle to the bone. This larger incision brings with it a number of risks such as loss of strength, flexibility, a prolonged rehabilitation period etc.

On the other hand, stem cell therapy involves taking stem cells from one’s own body and injecting them into the damaged area. This way stem cell therapy becomes as an alternative to elbow surgery, as it heals tissues, regenerates the affected tendons thereby giving the elbow its original strength and flexibility.


Stem Cell Therapy – A Saviour for Angel Di Maria

Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria had an injury and later found out that it was rectus femoris tear, that disturbed his game and he was likely to discontinue the event. During injury time, he was suggested to undergo stem cell treatment by a doctor, and he experienced remarkable results of that.

Attributes Of Stem Cell Treatment

The recent medical research and constant research on stem cell by medical researchers has confirmed that it is much natural and safe to use it for various diseases and injuries. This latest and most natural treatment is getting its popularity for treating various painful injuries, for which people used to prefer the invasive surgery option. It is comprised of your body cells, and that makes stem cells as natural treatment. They are taken in the injured area, where they start the healing procedure, which leads to much better results. Autologous is the medical term, which means using your own cells from your body, and treating your injury with autologous stem cells. This being an outpatient procedure, means it does not take much of your time. When patients of any sort of injury, such as acute muscle or ligament injuries can be benefited from this treatment so can Di Maria. This treatment has come up as the most effective one for joint pain, arthritis and for disc degeneration.

A Few Things To Know About It

Through a specialized system that isolates and concentrates the stem cells under sterile conditions,doctors get a desired material to inject into the affected area. Proper visual guidance is used in order to inject it to the affected area. This procedure does not take your much time and is performed with comfort, and you do not get any sort of intense pain.

How Did It Help DI Maria?

This is not the first time that Argentine Ace has opted for stem cell therapy, in order to recover from an injury, and Di Maria is not the first athlete, who received this treatment. He felt much better after undergoing through it, and did not experience any sort of pain during the treatment.


Finding the right clinic is very important in order to get this specific treatment done by experienced doctors and staff. In this regard “Chicago Stem Cell Therapy” is the right place, where you will see experienced doctors and staff treating injuries with stem cell treatment, so call on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.

Broken twisted angle - running sport injury. Male runner touching foot in pain due to sprained ankle.

Suffering From Foot Pain? Go For Stem Cell Therapy

Research of many years and thousands of happy patients and faster healing time are the reasons, which make stem cell treatment as the best option for foot pain. This treatment has all the natural capabilities, which are required in treating foot pain being the reason of stem cell for being an ideal treatment for foot pain.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

Stem cell therapy is the treatment, in which live stem cells are inserted into your foot, straightaway into the area, which is causing pain. These live cells are gathered while the C-Sections of live births, and gathered from a placenta. After a baby’s birth the amniotic membrane in the placenta is removed, and then sterilized and make it able to use. The women, from whom the cells are taken, are screened and properly tested for any communicable diseases. It is much important to know that there are not live birth embryos; which shows that there is no harm in using them.

What To Know More About It?

Stem cells are known as blank slate, they are the cells whose roles have not been determined yet in the body, and that is why they have an amazing capability of getting changed into anything. For example, if you take them where the tendon is and doesn’t care that whether they are torn or not, they will naturally become a tendon. If they are taken into joint, where the cartilage is irritated, this will help in making new cartilage and with that it will enhance the healing procedure of tissue in a faster way. The treatment is also used for various other problems, which cause foot pain, just like:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arthritis of the first toe joint
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Find The Right Clinic For Your Foot Pain

After knowing about the natural abilities of this treatment, your first step should be to find the best clinic for acquiring stem cell treatment. In this regard Chicago Stem Cell is the right option for you, as it has the vast experience of treating all sorts of pain through this most effective treatment for years. So do not waste your time and call on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.


Healing A Meniscus Tear With Stem Cell

Let’s Explore Meniscus

The Meniscus is known as shock absorber of the knee joint as well as spacer that are to protect the cartilage, which covers the top of the femur and the tibia bone naturally. This is done by giving the force equally across your joint. The meniscus is made by living fibro-cartilage tissue. Every knee owns two menisci, a medical meniscus, which is nearer to the inside of the body, and second one is the lateral meniscus, which is nearer to the outside of the body. The medial meniscus is much vulnerable to injury than the lateral one for biomechanical reasons.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help You?

Knee meniscus tear is the most common knee injury, which is treated in many clinics. Stem cell treatment for meniscus tears comprises of the ability of being less invasive and same-day injection procedure. It helps in healing the injured tissue and allows you to avoid the painful and long recovery that is the attribute of traditional surgery. In the Stem cell treatment, healing power of your own stem cells and platelets are used in order to help in the healing of the tissue.

Surgery Does Not Give The Best Results!!

It has been noticed that mostly meniscus surgery does not properly repair the meniscus, and it removes the torn piece. Research has confirmed that removing the parts of the meniscus cause the arthritis. The recent research shows that meniscus surgery is no longer an effective treatment option than Stem cell treatment, as it comprises of no negative impact and zero side-affects.

Stem Cells Are Inserted, Where They Are Needed

The treatment procedure is performed under a C-Arm Flouroscopy or a high level ultrasound imaging guidance in order to ensure that stem cells are being inserted exactly the same area where they are needed. Using high level ultrasound imaging insures the success of this specific treatment.


Finding the right clinic is always critical, and that is why you have to have the strong reason of selecting any clinic for acquiring stem cell treatment. The best clinic owns the best research lab for getting the best out of stem cells in order to treat patients perfectly, and this is what Chicago Stem Cell therapy has, and this makes it the right clinic for acquiring this effective treatment for injuries. So do not waste your time and contact on this 815-464-7212 for an appointment.