Stem cell therapy for arthritis a better choice

Anatomy of the knee

Your knee is located  where your thigh bone and your shin bone connects. The knee joint allows the bones to move freely, but within restricted motion

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body and also one of the most complex of all the other joint. The knee joint must be strong enough to bear the weight of the whole body and must have a grip so that we can stand upright. But it also needs to act as a pivot to facilitate physical activities, including stressful workouts, twists and turns as in sports and other physical activities

What happens in knee arthritis?

Arthritis is commonly seen joint disease also known as the osteoarthritis. Arthritis can damage  the surface of your knee joint. Arthritis can also restrict the motion of your knee

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee are:

  • Severe pain when you move your knee or at the end of the day, but it usually gets better with resting
  • Stiffness particularly after rest, but stiffness is normally eased after a minute when you get moving
  • When you move your knee you experience a crunching, creaking or grinding sensation
  • Hard swelling and inflammation

Other symptoms can include:

  • Your knee becomes less stable
  • Restricted motion knees become bent and bowed
  • The muscles around the joint become feeble

Stem cells therapy for knee arthritis


How stem cells are obtained?

The human body provides the adequate supply of stem cells to regenerate and repair the damaged tissues the stem cells are preserved in the marrow cavity of your bones, which is the easiest place to harvest the stem cells. The procedure is carried out in the office of the physician. The patient lies down on the stomach as the doctor cleans the injection site before numbing the skin and the bone. An exclusive needle is injected into the bone as for the suction of bone marrow, blood, which is rich in stem cells. Once the bone marrow, blood is taken, it is processed in the centrifuge to intensify and make the stem cells clean of the unnecessary cells that are not  required. Injecting the concentrated stem cell in your arthritis attacked knees to help you heal rapidly

Is the procedure painful

The procedure is well, bearable by the patient’s it is not like bone marrow biopsy neither it is as painful as well many patients claim it as not painful

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Stem Cell Therapy Treatment – What Questions To Ask?

If you are one of those who have already opted for surgery and has faced the problems associated with it, or you are one of those who have heard about stem cell therapy and want to get rid of your knee injury through stem cell therapy then you must also be well aware of the questions that are requisite before the treatment. Because these only will let you know that whether you are receiving the right treatment or not.

You should be well aware that will it be safe for your condition or not. Moreover, the experience of the specialist and his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment, all should be counted thoroughly.

Let’s dig in such question upon which a patient must ponder before the treatment

How much Experienced the Specialist Is?

According to various studies it has been proved that the more the surgeon/specialist is experienced the lower are the chances of any ineffective results or complications. You must ask about the experience the person treating you has. And also know the details about the number of stem cell treatments performed in that clinic.

Data should be Collected or not?

You must be well aware that whether the stem cell therapy center prefers filling out a questionnaire by their patients containing all the detailed information or not. Because this would be a sign predicting that the clinic is concerned about the pain location and the complications their patients are facing.

Is Your Physician a Specialist?

You would never want an untrained physician to give you the stem cell treatment and cure your knee or shoulder problems. So, make sure that you are thoroughly confirmed about the experience of the physician treating you.

If common medications are used?

Sometimes a common medication such as giving the patient local anesthesia can become the killer of the stem cells. Your doctor should be well aware of such situation.

Will stem cell cure everyone?

Stem cells are considered to be that parts of the body that help in healing. And the type of stem cells in every person varies from person to person. So, if some doctor says that your arthritic pain will be healed 100% then he is not being truthful with you.

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Stem Cell Therapy: A Real Solution For Knee Arthritis

Protect Your Knee From Arthritis

Arthritis develops as the cartilage in your joint space starts to damage. With the medical advancements, you can now witness many non-invasive and nonsurgical treatment options available for your knee. Knee injury takes away your walking ability, and if it happens then you no longer are able to continue your daily life routine. Gone are the days, when people used to rely on only surgery option for their knee injury. Surgery sometimes does not guarantee you the best results and most patients have to undergo a surgery more than one time, if it fails to give a result first time.

Non Surgical Treatment Options

You will come across many non-surgical treatment options, but the most common and famous option is called “stem cell therapy”, as it is natural and does not cause you any harm. This effective treatment utilizes your own body’s stem cells and blood platelets, which help regrow a new cartilage. These attributes make it able to be known as the safest and natural treatment option for knee arthritis.

Attributes Of Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelets are to start tissue repair by releasing growth factors. These growth factors kick off the natural healing procedure by attracting repair cells to the damaged area, including stem cells. This therapy strengthens this process through releasing a good quality concentration of platelets. This therapy requires a doctor to get a sample of one’s blood, and then this sample is further processed, in the laboratory in order to get more concentrated and quality product. Then PRP is inserted into the injured area and it starts the healing procedure since it goes inside the injured area.


Stem cells offer you the natural healing procedure for the injury, such as knee arthritis, regenerate lost or damaged tissue. It reduces your pain significantly and with that it also normalizes knee function and mobility. First evaluation is helpful in determining, which regenerative therapy is the most effective for your knee arthritis.Sometimes the blend of short-term knee bracing and physical therapy comes out to be the most effective approach for treating any injury and getting the injured area normalized. To get the quality stem cell treatment, you must visit a clinic which has a sound experience of treating patients of various injuries through Stem Cell treatment. For that the best option for you is Chicago Stem Cell Therapy, where you will come across the experienced staff and doctors. So do not waste time and call on this number “815-464-7212”for an appointment.


Stem Cell Therapy – A Saviour for Angel Di Maria

Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria had an injury and later found out that it was rectus femoris tear, that disturbed his game and he was likely to discontinue the event. During injury time, he was suggested to undergo stem cell treatment by a doctor, and he experienced remarkable results of that.

Attributes Of Stem Cell Treatment

The recent medical research and constant research on stem cell by medical researchers has confirmed that it is much natural and safe to use it for various diseases and injuries. This latest and most natural treatment is getting its popularity for treating various painful injuries, for which people used to prefer the invasive surgery option. It is comprised of your body cells, and that makes stem cells as natural treatment. They are taken in the injured area, where they start the healing procedure, which leads to much better results. Autologous is the medical term, which means using your own cells from your body, and treating your injury with autologous stem cells. This being an outpatient procedure, means it does not take much of your time. When patients of any sort of injury, such as acute muscle or ligament injuries can be benefited from this treatment so can Di Maria. This treatment has come up as the most effective one for joint pain, arthritis and for disc degeneration.

A Few Things To Know About It

Through a specialized system that isolates and concentrates the stem cells under sterile conditions,doctors get a desired material to inject into the affected area. Proper visual guidance is used in order to inject it to the affected area. This procedure does not take your much time and is performed with comfort, and you do not get any sort of intense pain.

How Did It Help DI Maria?

This is not the first time that Argentine Ace has opted for stem cell therapy, in order to recover from an injury, and Di Maria is not the first athlete, who received this treatment. He felt much better after undergoing through it, and did not experience any sort of pain during the treatment.


Finding the right clinic is very important in order to get this specific treatment done by experienced doctors and staff. In this regard “Chicago Stem Cell Therapy” is the right place, where you will see experienced doctors and staff treating injuries with stem cell treatment, so call on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.

Broken twisted angle - running sport injury. Male runner touching foot in pain due to sprained ankle.

Suffering From Foot Pain? Go For Stem Cell Therapy

Research of many years and thousands of happy patients and faster healing time are the reasons, which make stem cell treatment as the best option for foot pain. This treatment has all the natural capabilities, which are required in treating foot pain being the reason of stem cell for being an ideal treatment for foot pain.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

Stem cell therapy is the treatment, in which live stem cells are inserted into your foot, straightaway into the area, which is causing pain. These live cells are gathered while the C-Sections of live births, and gathered from a placenta. After a baby’s birth the amniotic membrane in the placenta is removed, and then sterilized and make it able to use. The women, from whom the cells are taken, are screened and properly tested for any communicable diseases. It is much important to know that there are not live birth embryos; which shows that there is no harm in using them.

What To Know More About It?

Stem cells are known as blank slate, they are the cells whose roles have not been determined yet in the body, and that is why they have an amazing capability of getting changed into anything. For example, if you take them where the tendon is and doesn’t care that whether they are torn or not, they will naturally become a tendon. If they are taken into joint, where the cartilage is irritated, this will help in making new cartilage and with that it will enhance the healing procedure of tissue in a faster way. The treatment is also used for various other problems, which cause foot pain, just like:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arthritis of the first toe joint
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Find The Right Clinic For Your Foot Pain

After knowing about the natural abilities of this treatment, your first step should be to find the best clinic for acquiring stem cell treatment. In this regard Chicago Stem Cell is the right option for you, as it has the vast experience of treating all sorts of pain through this most effective treatment for years. So do not waste your time and call on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.


Opt For Stem Cell Treatment & Free Yourself From Wrist/Hand Injuries

Gone are the days, when people used to opt for painful and invasive surgeries for their hand or wrist injuries, now with lots of advancements in the medical field, one of them is called stem cell therapy, which gives you a natural and the most appropriate solution for your wrist and hand injury. Mostly you go for a surgery for your hand or wrist injury, because of ligament injury, tendonitis, bone injuries, bursitis and arthritis.Stem cells are made of your own body cells, which consist of such elements that are very much beneficial for treating your injury by injecting them through injection into the affected area.

It Is All Natural!!

It is the most natural treatment for your injuries, and it gives you an option to avoid the painful surgeries you go through thinking that they are the only solution.  Those who have pain and an injury in hand or wrist from ligament or tendon sprains, or tear, or because of osteoarthritis can be the right candidates for this natural treatment. This will make them get rid of injuries sooner than the traditional surgery option. It can also be said as the best alternative to surgery.

Injuries, This Natural Treatment Treats:

There are many injuries, which can be treated well through it, but we will mention few common injuries, for which it is the most appropriate treatment option. Followings are the names of those injuries

  1. Hand Arthritis
  2. TFCC, which stands for (Triangular Fibro-Cartilage Complex), it is an injury of the wrist
  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  4. Trigger Finger

What To Know More?

Although there are many sorts of stem cells, which are used in orthopedic healing, but the most common are mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells, which are used to help the regeneration of tissues and rebuilding of cartilage, tendons, muscles and ligaments. Those who suffer from sports’ injuries, now no more go for traditional surgery since they came to know about this natural treatment option for sports-related injuries. Faster recovery time and better results make it better treatment option as compared to the other options.


Finding the right clinic for acquiring the stem cell treatment is the most important thing, and you will not want to let any non-professional perform the treatment. That is why it is important that you select the clinic, which has the vast experience of treating injuries through this specific treatment, having a specific department for stem cell research that helps in improving the quality of this particular treatment.  Chicago Stem Cell Therapy in this regard is the right clinic for treating all the injuries by this natural and effective treatment option. So, do not waste time and contact on this number 815-464-7212 for an appointment.


How Stem Cell Treatment Brought Chris Johnson Back to the Field

Not only common people are getting benefits of stem cell treatment, but celebrities are also nowadays acquiring this treatment and it proves that there are much benefits of it. Jets’ Chris Johnson is the player of NFL, who has acquired stem cell treatment in order to recover from an injury. It can be the next breakthrough in the treatment of sports aliments, but currently use of this specific therapy is very limited in the U.S.

How did Chris Johnson acquire stem cell treatment?

He is 28 and he has 5 1,000-yard NFL rushing seasons to his own name, one 2,000 yarder and a desire of proving he is the same speedster, which he has always been. As Chris Johnson visited orthopedic in order to fix his left knee, he came across two great words “Stem Cells”.  The injury of knee’s natural shock absorber caused many other damages in the joint then Chris Johnson was presented another option than surgery, which was the treatment through stem cells, and he was guided about that and informed that it does not contain side-affects.  He lost many cartilages, as he played the season with damaged meniscus. Opting for this treatment Chris Johnson has recovered successfully and was happy to undergo such an easy and less time consuming cure.

Stem cell treatment for Athletes

This popular treatment has been proven to be an effective option for athletes; while treating the athletes adult stem cells are used, which we all have in our bodies. Shedding light on the power of regenerative medicine Zaki Anwar MD of Chicago Stem Cell Therapy says, “There are many unspecialized cells which have the ability of producing new cells and mature into various different cell types and are capable of being mobilized in response to an injury”.  Orthopedists like Dr. Anwar seem particularly very interested in mesenchymal stem cells, found in sources like bone marrow and fat tissue, which are able to become new bone cartilage, muscle or connective tissue. Time matters a lot in the life of athletes, so whenever they get injured they prefer to undergo the treatment which should be less time consuming and should have maximum benefits; in this regard stem cell treatment has become the first choice of most athletes.


Such cure for various problems has compelled medical experts successfully to consider stem cell treatment as the best option for the injuries, and its popularity is expected to grow more. In result celebrities who are coping with injuries have also made up their minds to acquire it. At “Chicago Stem Cell Therapy” Dr. Anwar provides personalized treatments of stem cell under one roof. So, do contact for an appointment at 815-464-7212