Chronic shoulder pain: treatment with a high recovery rate

  August 3rd 2019    
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Shoulder structure and movement

The shoulder is based on the three types of bones which include clavicle, scapula and the humerus. The clavicle is the medical term for collar bone, the shoulder blade is known as scapula, and however, the humerus is the medical term which describes upper arm bone. glenohumeral joint is the joint which actually deals with the mobility of the shoulder. This joint is known as a shoulder joint in simple terms. The shape of the joint matches the shape of a ball or socket. The purpose of this shoulder joint is to assist the forward and backward movement of the shoulder. The capsule is the medical name of the tissue which protects the shoulder joint and the ball joint. Therefore, whenever some damage occurs to the shoulder and its joints, the tissues automatically get damaged. If surgery has not worked, it is best to give a chance to the alternative treatment for shoulder surgery.

The real reason for shoulder pain

Shoulder joints are the most moveable part of the human body, however, it is also the most vulnerable joint of the body which is prone to all shoulder injuries and damaged. Any sudden shoulder movement or unique and uncommon movement can cause damage to the joint. The stability of the shoulder always remains in danger because of the vulnerability of the shoulder joint. It is important for the joint to remain attached to the ligaments, muscles and to the tendons. The pains start as the joint starts getting unattached from muscles and tendons. In most cases of shoulder pain, patients tell the location of the pain which can be under the upper part of the arm or on the area around the shoulder joint. Two main shoulder injuries which are accidental are shoulder dislocation and

Diseases cause shoulder pain

Other than shoulder dislocation and shoulder separation, there are different many diseases which cause shoulder pain including tendonitis, impingement syndrome of the shoulder and bursitis. These are the inflammation on the shoulder and swelling squeeze the bursa and the rotator cuff which cause pain. There are some repetitive movements in which individuals move their arms a lot which also cause pain in the arm. For all these medical issues related to shoulders, doctors use to suggest surgeries to the patients especially to cure the pain which is older than six months. However low recovery rate of the surgery makes does not make it the preference of the specialists. For years, surgery failures have caused mental distress to many patients of constant shoulder pain which made doctors find alternative treatments for shoulder surgery. There was a time when steroids worked as an alternative of the surgery but these injections were even less effective than the surgery.
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