Coping Knee Injuries With Stem Cell Therapy!

  January 27th 2016    Blog

According to a research, there are about 47.5% million adults who are under high impact of arthritis. Moreover, it has also been reported that approx 46% are likely to be affected by this disease. Adding to this the most common point that is usually affected by arthritis is the knee. People being unaware that they are suffering from this issue, often don’t know that why their knee is being hurt or why they have become vulnerable to knee injuries. This is an alarming situation signalling them to opt for proper knee injury treatment.

Traditional Treatments

Most of the patients who are fed up of their knee issues, in most cases opt for traditional treatments like non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic treatment that are not at all convincing and in many cases worsen a person’s functional disability. Adding to this, the failure rate of the surgical process includes 20% to 24%.

Injuries That are Related To Knee

There are almost 15% of sports injuries that are due to knee and 50% that are because of joint injuries. If talked about knee joint injuries, then these are commonly related to ligament tears or worn down cartilage. The end result of all this is chronic knee pain that occurs because of the friction between the surfaces of two large bones.

For proper knee injury treatments, the diagnosis is carried out by physical examination such as an MRI, or looking for the internal area of the joints through arthoscopy. There are also some conservative treatments through which knee pain can be treated with treatments such as rest, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and bracing. There are a large number of patients, who suffer from knee injuries that do not heal spontaneously.

Stem Cell therapy Breaks the Deadlock!!

With numerous advancements in the medical field, stem cell therapy has become one of the potential treatments that are able to cure such injuries. These stem cells are drawn from a person’s own body and are then placed on the area of arthritis causing minimum pain and difficulty. And since the stem cells are obtained from one’s own body so there is no trouble that they may be rejected. When considering that how stem cell will be able to bring you on the normal track lets take the example of an athlete. Due to a severe knee injury, it becomes compulsory for him to leave the ground and follow the medications or opt for the surgical options. But instead of going for these traditional treatments, it is best if you opt for stem cell treatment that will definitely serve in decreasing the time required in returning back to the playground and resume his active schedule.

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