Counting Stem Cells – What’s the Proper Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Dose?

  May 21st 2015    Blog

Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Dose?

At Chicago Stem Cell, our specialists are well aware of the perfect stem cell dose that should be given to a specific patient. Nothing is done unplanned or without any logic or thinking behind it. Such as the case of an elderly woman, that our specialists treated. Since we count the cell number, we knew based on our registry research that there weren’t enough cells to properly treat both sides. That is, the patient had this much cells to only treat one side. This will surely click in your mind various questions regarding the amount of cells; that Does the doctor who is treating you knows how many cells are being injected? Does he know how many are required? And why is this so important?

Figuring out the dosage of stem cells

When stem cells from a bone marrow or fat are taken out, it produces in any individual different number of cells than taking them from another person. How many stem cells should be injected in the bone marrow or fat are determined by our age, fitness level, genes and overall health. With that being said, there is also a minimum dose that is assumed in order to see how each area will be treated. However, when this thing is figured out the doctors are left with huge amounts of stem cell dosage data of numerous patients. For Knee arthritis, at Chicago stem cell, we have managed the records of each and every patient regarding the stem cells.

Clinics don’t consider Stem cell dosage as important!!

The elder woman case also opened up an important issue that should be eliminated in order to get better treatments in the future. Where the patient first went, it was a clinic that didn’t count stem cells. It used a simple bedside centrifuge sold by a national device manufacturer. And this device had no ability at all to count stem cells. Furthermore, it required no training to use and what comes out of it was easily dealt by an inadequate staff; which means only the medical assistant knew how to push the “On” button and he/she is not at all qualified to count the cell number manually. This is not a single unique case. There many clinics out there, using bone marrow bedside machines that have no ability to quantify how many cells have been injected. Some clinics dealing with fat stem cells continue their treatments using an in expensive cell counter that precisely has no idea about how much dose is needed as no data has ever been published or collected to find out the proper dose.

The Dosage Matters!!

Treating a patient without knowing how much amount of stem cell dosage will be required is like driving a car ruthlessly, not knowing your way. You should be well aware whether your doctor has collected any data regarding knee arthritis stem cells dose or not. And if not, then why is that so? It is advisable to know each and every detail about the treatment and especially complete information if you are being injected with a stem cell dosage.