Cristiano Ronaldo had Stem Cell Treatment for Knees

  October 9th 2017    Blog

You might have heard of stem cell therapy, but you should have also come to know the therapy is gaining potential importance among the celebrities for different medical requirements. The leading science utilizes the matured stem cells to facilitate healing by restoring and taking place of the torn and damaged tissues tendons and bones at the site of injury

Several and the remarkably apparent facts come from the world class athletes. Who is lucky to get exposed to modern sports therapy, stem cell therapy is the remarkable choice for the certain types of complications and injuries that athletes are likely to experience. Injuries in some parts such as knee can not be easily recovered, as the body rarely repairs the torn cartilage. With stem cell therapy the physicians are able to easily overcome knee injuries within a day. Nowadays the stem cell therapy is accepted as a treatment by the national football league rather than athletic enhancement

Stem cell therapy has acquired the limelight, when a world class quarterback player Peyton Manning has opted this treatment for severe neck injury in 2006. At that time the therapy has not been widely exposed, however, Manning was quickly able to return to sports and played a lot more years very well
Stem cell therapy is certainly gifted for neck injuries as the neck is a delicate yet complex part of the body and can be challenging when it comes to treating injuries
The case of Cristiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo world class and most liked players of the European region received stem cell therapy for knee injuries. Ranaldo aged 31 years, got his knee injured during a match against Villarreal in 2016, the injury was initially suspected as muscle spasm, but a CT scan later proved it as a torn cartilage. Ronaldo had the same knee injury as Nadal had, back in 2014, they both underwent the same stem cell therapy and are now playing with the same zeal and class
How Stem Cell Treatment for Knees Works?

As in the case of Christiano Ronaldo’s knee injury; a sample of mature, healthy stem cells is taken from the patient’s blood or bone marrow and is directly injected into the torn cartilage. The stem cells have the special ability to transform themselves into the damaged tissues to facilitate recovery. The treatment is non invasive and is an outpatient approach can be done within a day and allows the patient to carry on with the routinely activities soon after. The stem cell therapy does not bring any risks as associated with the other surgical treatments