March 10th 2020    
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Many patients start to treat knee pain with conservative measures, along with rest, changed activities, anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), weight loss and a physical therapy program. Since knee pain is a revolutionary condition, certain patients can also experience advance articular cartilage deterioration regardless of conservative efforts.

Unfortunately, most patients with knee pain do not get enough comfort from medication, physical therapy or injections and they are left with 2 options. Either live with pain or get a knee replacement surgery. The wide variety of Knee replacements is increasing dramatically over the years. More than 700000 replacements have been achieved in 2010 and it is predicted that by way of 2030 this number will boom to whopping 3.5 million. Patients are getting Knee Replacements due to the fact they haven’t any choice. Living with pain is not a choice either. Now, thanks to advances in medicine, we now have a third choice. It’s stem cell knee replacement surgery for knee.

Introduction to stem cell therapy

Stem cell knee replacement surgery is widely regarded as the latest innovation in the field of medicine aims to reinforce your body’s natural healing capabilities. The first stage is to harvest stem cells from your bone marrow or fat tissue. The stem cells will then be transferred to the site of inflammation or injury within the knee. In some cases, stem cells are directed to a laboratory prior to being injected into the treatment area. Stem cell therapy is usually a minimally-invasive treatment approach that doesn’t require a hospital stay. Most physicians are able to perform the technique in-office or in an outpatient center. Patients are capable of returning home immediately following the procedure and do not require downtime for recovery.

How it helps?

Stem cells are blank cells of the body which do not have particular duties like all of the other cells in our body do. Because of this ability, they can be added to distinctive parts of our body where they could transform into precise varieties of cells the body needs. This capacity helps our body heal by means of replacing broken or lacking cells that are important for regeneration and improvement in symptoms.

Why it is better than knee surgery?

• Procedure of stem cell knee replacement surgery is minimally invasive. No incision. No cutting. No huge scar
• No general anesthesia
• Knee surgery is not always successful
• Even if the surgery is successful, it will not last long
• Occasionally a second correction surgery is needed when the first surgery fails
• Knee surgery has complications
• Knee surgery is 5-10 times more expensive than stem cell therapy
• Knee surgery need extensive rehab after surgery
• There is Evidence that stem cell knee replacement surgery works and is safe
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