Ensure Your Safety: Adopt Alternative to Elbow Surgery ..!

  April 13th 2016    Blog

Surgery for medical conditions and arthritis of the elbow joint and / or shoulder is only applied when other conventional treatment methodologies such as medication, massage, and physiotherapy have failed to heal the problem. After knee replacement surgery and hip replacement surgery, today many patients are forced to take elbow surgery because of chronic elbow conditions. However, every form of surgery is associated with often minor and sometimes major risks. In order to resolve the issue, innovation in medical technology has brought a safe solution to heal different forms of medical conditions with the help of PRP therapy which is also an effective alternative to elbow Surgery.


In Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, PRP is taken from patient’s own bone marrow and then injected in the patient’s specific body part where treatment is required. It is a viscous matter that is enriched with necessary fibers, proteins, and other vitamins that repair damaged body tissues and bring back the injured body part to its normal healthy working.

Safe and Natural

The treatment is absolutely safe and natural since the PRP is derived from patient’s own blood. That is why today PRP is being widely used as an alternative to elbow surgery because of its safe and natural procedure. Since the procedure takes around 30 to 90 minutes of time, many athletes, sports players, and actors prefer PRP therapy that brings them to their normal lifestyle within weeks.

Widely Used

It is common with people of all ages, both males and females to have injuries at different parts of their body including elbow injury. In situation when proper treatment is not taken in the initial stages of the injury often results in a chronic trouble that requires surgery to get rid of pain from the elbow. In such cases nowadays many patients go for alternative to elbow surgery because of its safe and natural healing process. Moreover, many doctors use PRP for patients who have recently recovered from surgery to speed up the healing process.


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