Exploring The Hair loss Causes & How PRP Can Effectively Treat It!!

  February 3rd 2017    Blog

It is usually the story of every house where everyone goes through the hair loss problem shedding hairs while combing, bathing etc. But what brings them in a concerning situation is the excessive hair loss condition that lands them in the fear of losing all their hairs and becoming bald.

The treatment that is gaining ground and which has become the solution for many out there suffering from the thinning of hair issue or hair loss is none other than the PRP hair treatment. Platelet rich plasma is said to be a technique that uses a person’s own blood and performs healing. What happens behind the injection is that, the amount of platelets present in the required affected area are increased that help in enhancing the healing capacity.

What are the Hair loss Causes?

In case of hormonal imbalance, an irritation of the scalp develops with a decreased growth phase. Moreover, the hair becomes thin as compared to the time when they were thick. Patient should be well aware of the types of hair loss because every hair loss type must be due to a different cause which needs to be examined. This is indeed important because when one would be aware of the condition, he/she would be able to approach not only the right treatment but also understand the severity of it.

Pattern Baldness

This type of hair loss condition occurs in both the genders and comprises of shortening the hair growth process thereby losing the sturdiness and thickness of the hairs. According to some researchers pattern baldness is also because of heredity. This is the case when your mother, father and others start losing their hairs, following which the children also have greater chance of suffering from the same problem. If this is the condition that you are suffering from, then choose PRP hair treatment as it will give you the treatment you are looking for.

Alopecia Areata

The people who are suffering from thyroid disease have greater chances of going through this type of hair loss. Moreover, the people who are facing some viral infection are more prone to get this condition.

Scarring Alopecia

In this condition, the inflammation of the hair follicle makes the hair loss situation as permanent. This happens because of inflammation in which the hairs do not grow at all.

PRP hair treatment is the one that would get you rid of all such hair loss conditions and take you out from the hair loss condition.

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