Feasible treatment for knee arthritis

  July 10th 2019    
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There are different well-advanced treatments for knees which are helpful in reducing knee pain and recover the joints, however, the PRP treatment for knee has proved to be most useful. The issue for which the treatment is most useful is knee arthritis. Having healthy bones and proper working joints are very important for a healthy lifestyle. Having knee arthritis prevent people from having a healthy lifestyle and it prevents them from many daily activities. Platelet-rich plasma is the most effective treatment for knee arthritis and the best part is that it is useful for all forms of knee arthritis however it is useful mainly for the common form of knee arthritis and one of them is osteoarthritis. There are at least 30 million adults who are dealing with knee arthritis in the USA especially in the form of osteoarthritis.

Reasons for the feasibility of PRP for osteoarthritis

The reason behind the feasibility of the PRP treatment for the knee is that it mainly focuses on the knee joints. Till 2013, it was the most expensive condition related to knee joints. The issue of osteoarthritis does not occur immediately, it results from different occurrences and process such as cellular, biochemical processes and mechanical, however, the last stage of the osteoarthritis is the breakdown of the articular cartilage. After many types of research, it is still hard for scientists to find a proper and defined treatment for osteoarthritis, however, the use of PRP treatment has lessened the speed of the degenerative process.

Mechanisms of the PRP treatment

Knee arthritis, especially in the form of osteoarthritis, occurs because of the imbalance in the equilibrium of the repair process and breakdown process of the joints. PRP treatment for knees regenerates some of the damaged tissues of the knees. The PRP treatment has been proved to be effective in reducing early pain of osteoarthritis. During the treatment, the physician will release the growth factor of the alpha granules into the knee. The reason for this is to activate the cells of the body which are accountable to heal the tissues, bone of the knee and for the regeneration of the cartilage. Through the treatment, doctors inject high concentrated plasma product in the body which have a high concentration of platelets. The concentration of the platelets can be 2 times higher than of the platelets of the whole body.

Why this is the most proposed treatment

The purpose of the PRP treatment for the knee is to provide basic care the articular cartilage and treat the degenerated lesion of the knee. There are different alternative solutions for osteoarthritis and for other knee issues which include viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid and corticosteroids, however, the ratio of responsiveness of the patients to PRP treatment is higher than the alternative injection therapies which are one reason for this to be the most proposed solution. The PRP treatment has been observed to be useful to increase the production of type II collagen. However, it has also proved to be useful for the revival of the stem cells as well as for proliferation.
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