Find Out Non-Surgical Alternatives to Shoulder Surgery

  April 20th 2019    
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The significance of the shoulder and its astonishing accomplishment of engineering cannot be neglected. The exceptionally mobile, adaptable shoulder joint is a blend of solid bones, flexible ligaments empowering a wide range of movement. This complex structure is additionally vulnerable and on occasion somewhat unstable. After some time with normal wear and tear or dreary utilization, injuries and arthritis take place, and in this case, regenerative medicine offers great alternatives to shoulder surgery. Because of the intricacy of the shoulder joint, surgery is especially troublesome and post-surgical recuperation could require long recovery time in order to reestablish strength and mobility.
In this fast-paced world of consistent activity, settling on the best alternatives to shoulder surgery or a degenerative condition isn’t simple. Imagine a scenario in which surgery wasn’t the only solution. Regenerative medicine has potential where each patient recuperates from their orthopedic procedures with minimal downtime. It offers non-surgical alternatives to treat injuries and degeneration of the shoulder. The regenerative medicine technique includes stem cell therapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections in order to preserve the joint and tissues for enduring results with high success rates in recuperating bone, joint, and soft tissue.

Find Out the Symptoms/Injuries of the Shoulder

Symptoms, in this case, incorporate inconvenience raising the arm, pain while moving the arm or lie on it, weakness in the shoulder, stiffness, deadness or burning sensation, clicking or popping while moving the arm. In most cases, repetitive movement is the reason – leisure or work activities with gross, dreary and vigorous utilization of the arm, particularly in sports like baseball or tennis, or jobs like painting or cleaning window.
Shoulder Injuries Include:
1. Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
2. Rotator Cuff/Labrum Tears
3. Shoulder Arthritis
4. Laboral Tears or Degeneration
5. Tendenosis
6. Bursitis

Alternatives to Shoulder Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative procedures are amazing when it comes to offering non-surgical treatment for shoulder pain. In this case, as per the conducted results, around 72% of patients observed significant improvements and advantage from a speedier recuperation than patients opting traditional surgical procedures. Same-day stem cell therapy may work in a way to help reduce shoulder pain, reestablish joint damage and the conditions that cause it with a basic office injection. Patients normally experience practically zero downtime from the procedure. The most shoulder joint issues eased with the help of developments in biologics, for example, PRP injections and stem cell therapy.

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