Find Out Wonders of Stem Cell PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

  January 17th 2019    Blog

Yes, that is true, PRP hair restoration treatment enables you to treat and regrow hairs without surgery. At Chicago Stem Cell Therapy you can get a progressive method to treat your hair loss without the need for intrusive surgery. The solution lies in stem cells. In the case of stem cells, they are obtained from a patient’s own fat tissue, once injected into the scalp, as a result, they can reverse the shrinking of hair follicles.
The reason behind the stand out feature of stem cell is that they can fix and recuperate all the more rapidly. Since they have unique regenerative properties, their capability to help with an assortment of conditions and injuries is immense and promising. In the light of the fact that, research has demonstrated the stem cells would now be able to be utilized within the hair follicles in order to encourage new hair growth in those dealing with thinning hair or balding because of a wide range of issues.
The best time of the PRP hair treatment is in the beginning stage of hair loss or for individuals who are not a suitable candidate for the surgical procedure. This treatment is additionally perfect for women who intend to stay away from hair surgery or don’t have enough quality donor hair for a transplant.

PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

Numerous individuals only know platelet-rich plasma as the piece of the blood that enables the body to recoup from injuries. Repair PRP harnesses that work in a way to encourage hair growth when follicles are available. These fast and affordable injections require a few minutes, and can be managed on your lunch break, and don’t require any downtime.

Associated Risks

It may sound terrifying (the process involves taking blood and involve needles!), in fact generally, there’s no genuine risk related to PRP injections. In most cases, individuals get injections with no numbing, as there is slight discomfort. Though, cool air or ice packs may work in a way to reduce pain. Bruising can happen, however, does not last longer than two weeks.
Incredibly least downtime. Your doctor may prescribe a warm shower, as the hot temperature will work in a way to boost blood flow and circulation all through the scalp.

Who Is The PRP Hair Restoration Treatment For?

Anyone going through hair loss is basically a good candidate for PRP treatment, yet those with initial hair loss will, in general, react best. PRP is best utilized for individuals with androgenic alopecia, which is a genetically determined sort of hair thinning that ordinarily happens along the top of the head. In the case of women, this may resemble a widening part with ordinary hair thickness at the back of the head.

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