Garrett Richards’: a success story of stem cell therapy

  July 11th 2019    
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Athletes work very hard to make their name in the world in their respective fields. They push the bodies too much to remain active and to practice and perform in their fields. In some cases, athletes use their body part especially arms, shoulders and knees, and legs in some very unrealistic manner to achieve success. However, this has caused severe injuries to athletes which were recovered only therapies’. Most of these athletes when through stem cell therapy so that they can go back to their respective fields and mesmerize their fans all around the world even more. There are more than 40 athletes who have recovered their injuries by taking stem cell therapy and one of these is Garrett Richards’.
Garrett Richards’ is one of the most famous names in the field of baseball. He is the star for i5ts fans for the success he caused for his team. In 2014, the player found out that he has the elbow ligament issue. The problem was found out with the help of MRI. This issue made the player left the team after 3 innings only. Like all other athletes the player at first opted for surgery, however soon he found out that the will be able to recover faster with the help of the most advanced procedure in the history of medical science which is stem cell therapy. His first idea was to go with the option of replacement of ligament, however, he changed his mind so in when he found out about the success stories of the stem cell therapy. Rather than going for months of rehab the player decided to go for stem cell therapy so that he can get back to his team and fans sooner rather than later. The physicians took stem cells from the bone marrow of the pelvis of Garrett Richards and injected them into the damaged part of the elbow arm. The recovery from the process took almost a year because of the severity of the injury, however, in the end, he was able to come back to his to pitch.
Stem cell therapy is a newly found procedure to recover damaged tissues by replacing damaged cell by new cells to reactivate the recovering power of the tissues. The ratio of recovery of stem cell therapy is growing with each passing day and with the advancements and improvements which are occurring in the field. Even there is a large ratio of athletes who still go for surgery to recover the damaged part of their bodies, still, the acceptance of stem cell therapy is growing faster and rapidly. Garrett Richards is one example of the realization of the success of stem cell therapy, however, there are many others waiting to tell you their success stories. The stem cell is not only recovering damaged tissues of bodies, but it is also proving successful in curing leukemia.
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