Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney Elected Stem Cell Therapy as Possible Alternative to Elbow Surgery

  March 5th 2019    Blog

Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney, MLB’s Los Angeles Angels starting pitchers were both supposed to be out for the season because of tears in their ulnar collateral ligaments in their individual throwing elbows. This kind of injury usually drives towards the surgical procedure. In this scenario, the surgical procedure includes taking out a sound tendon from an arm or leg and afterwards utilizing this to replace a torn ligament in the arm. The surgical procedure requires 12-14 month recuperation time.
In this scenario, Richards and Heaney have been looking for the alternative to elbow surgery and making headlines for choosing stem cell therapy with an end goal to stay away from going through such an invasive surgical procedure that would require such a long recuperation period.
In the case of stem cell therapy for the elbow, it would require a lot shorter recuperation period for about 12 weeks. If goes as planned, as a result, both pitchers Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney will be able to come back. This expansive distinction in recovery is exceptionally attractive to athletes as well as anybody with a similar injury.
Cutting the recuperation time frame by 66% can demonstrate ground-breaking in baseball and may attract numerous other athletes choosing to stay away from the surgery and go through stem cell therapy instead.

The Revolutionary Alternative to Elbow Surgery – Chicago Stem Cell Therapy

In the procedure of stem cell therapy, the ability of stem cell is utilized in order to fix extreme and agonizing injuries. Furthermore, the stem cells are obtained from the patient’s own fat or bone marrow tissue utilizing a particular harvesting technique. Moving forward with the procedure, the stem cells are concentrated by a particular procedure and afterwards combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), this another component found in the blood.
In order to fix the elbow’s damaged tissue, the set of injections containing stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are injected with an objective to create healthy tissue that will fix the damage and fundamentally bring down the amount of pain that the patient goes through. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure.
Most of the time, injury can’t recuperate on the grounds that there aren’t sufficient stem cells available to fix damaged tissue. It resembles contrasting the body to be able to recuperate a scratch versus healing a major injury. In these circumstances, the body needs much more healing cells to recuperate major injury.

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