Get a Bio facial with PRP and reap your desired skin rejuvenation goals

  November 15th 2017    Blog

Newly introduced Bio facial is an all natural procedure that substitutes other forms of plastic surgery. A bio facial has a vast range of implementation that covers reducing the wrinkles, removing the signs of tired eyes, crows feet, treating acne and scarring and reversing other signs of aging sagging skin and forehead lines.

Platelet rich plasma or PRP, the extraordinary plasma enriched of platelets tend to regenerate the torn, facial tissues and restores back them to their normal tightness. Platelets are peculiarly used by the body to restore injured blood vessels and when applied to the face, the production of new collagen is stimulated allowing the skin to regenerate itself
How do PRP Bio facial skin rejuvenation works?

Platelet rich plasma is an organic component of one’s own blood with a concentration of platelets and numerous growth factors. The platelet rich plasma, enriched in regenerative and reparative properties is then injected with precision into the face

A needling technique in Bio facial skin rejuvenation stimulates a quick immune response by the body that encourages platelets, growth factors, collagen and elastin that serve to regenerate one’s facial tissues New collagen is produced within six weeks following the procedure. The collagen production treats acne scarring and Everts the effects aging. The Bio facial skin rejuvenation when taken in combination with Platelet rich plasma produces the best results without undergoing any invasive procedure
What skin areas are suitable for Bio facial skin rejuvenation

The Bio facial skin rejuvenation includes; forehead lines, frown lines, brow shaping, cheek definition, bunny lines, crow’s feet, eye circle; lip wrinkles; chin creasing; nasolabial folds; mouth frown; accordion lines; marionette lines; jaw line; back of the hands and wrinkles or crease-marked skin.
Recovery Process:

Soon after the Bio facial skin rejuvenation you will be able to carry on with your routinely activities. You do not need to stay at the hospitals over night. There are three significant stages of recovery following the PRP bio facial skin rejuvenation, including inflammation, regeneration and remodeling. It is recommended to have three PRP Facial injections within an 18 month period to ensure the tissue is fully restored. The whole process itself will not more than half an hour, and in the beginning three to six treatments with a difference of four to six weeks is advised. For follow up treatments and best result revisits in two years will give you the best results
The PRP Bio facial skin rejuvenation achieves the following standards

Relieves tired eyes
Reduces wrinkles
Reverses the signs of aging
Treats acne scarring

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