Get advanced treatment for knee pain

  July 24th 2019    
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For Knee pain caused by a knee injury and arthritis, stem cell therapy has proved effective. The stem cell therapy for knee may have not been performed as many; however, the ratio of recovery after the treatment is very high. Patients get enduring recovery after stem cell therapy. For serious knee injury and Arthritis, the only option patients had was the surgeries like meniscectomies, however, the recovery ratio for the treatment was very low. Even the placebo or sham surgery had a low ratio of recovery. The risks attached to the surgeries also make doctors avoid the recommendation of these surgeries. Even after the surgeries which have been successful, patients go through rehab therapies and exercise which can be painful and without these therapies, the patient does not recover fully to be able to be part of routine life and daily activities.

The new approach to knee treatment

The Chicago stem cell therapy has introduced a new treatment. They are using for a knee injury and Arthritis, stem cell therapy to repair damaged cells of the knee or to replace dead cells with active cells. There is a part of the knee which is known as cartilage which is present in the lining of the joints. Arthritis is the condition in which the cartilage starts deteriorate. Intense pain is the main symptom of the disease, however with time this disease limits the movement of the joints. Knee Injury and Arthritis stem cell therapy start with diagnose of the disease and causes. The doctors use MRIs and x-rays to find the causes. This is the treatment in which doctors do not open surgery; in fact, they used ultrasound and fluoroscopy. They get the image guidance using ultrasound and fluoroscopy while performing the treatment.

Injecting stem cells or platelets in the knee

Doctors provide all the options to the patients with risks costs as well as the expected results and give them the chance to decide themselves. However, because of the positive response to stem cell therapies have made many patients go with this treatment. During the treatment, doctors extract stem cells or platelets from the blood of the patient and they gather a high amount of stem cells than the actual amount which can be found in a healthy body. By using the ultrasound and fluoroscopy, doctors inject the high amount of stem cells in the damaged or degenerative part of the knee.

Results of the stem cell therapy

The stem cell therapy reduces the inflammation and regenerates the healing power of the tissues. The therapy stabilizes the joints of the knee which in results stabilize the movements of the knee. Chicago stem cell therapy center is working for more than a decade to provide a healthy life to those who are suffering from a knee injury and arthritis.
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