Get Rid Of Hair Loss Through PRP Injections

  December 23rd 2015    Blog

Losing hairs can be a nightmare for you. Your nice hairs contribute in making your personality attractive. Coping with hair loss is also a kind of mental stress. In order to get the right treatment, it is very important to understand few basic things about the biology of hair growth. The hair loss genes send chemical messages to slow down hair follicle stem cell activity. Eventually, the follicles start decreasing and that causes thin hair or baldness. The best approach for hair restoration is to go for non-invasive treatment option such as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Following are some more details as how it is the best approach to get your natural back.

What is PRP?

PRP is a concentrate of platelets extracted from your own blood. It contains a lot of growth factors that promote natral hair growth when it is injected into the scalp.

PRP Therapy To Restore Your Hair

PRP consists of chemical messengers which is called growth factors. These growth factors in the PRP have the power to reduce the effects of baldness genes. In order to make this treatment more effective, the doctor makes sure that PRP treatment has a high enough concentration of effective growth factors and that should be administered in the areas of the hair follicle, where stem cells exist with the highest concentrations such as middle and the base of the hair follicle. The PRP injection should be highly concentrated as it will be for multiple layers of scalp which is anesthetized properly first.

The Appealing Advantages Of PRP Therapy For Hair Loss

There are some appealing advantages of PRP Therapy, which forces you to opt for it for the hair restoration and here they are:

  • It’s natural and nonsurgical treatment option
  • The procedure does not take more than 90 minutes
  • Gives the safe and long lasting results
  • Its recovery period is not much longer
  • Brings your natural hair back without causing any side-effect


For seeing the nice and immediate results of hair restoration, you have to go to a place where you can find experienced staff and doctors. The Chicago Stem Cell Therapy is the right place in this regard where you find doctors taking the best out of PRP therapy in order to get better results when it comes to hair restoration. To get an appointment, Call on this 815-464-7212 and kick off the right treatment for hair loss.

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