Get rid of the hip joint pain with stem cell therapy

  September 21st 2017    Blog

When the tissues are damaged, the degenerative process overtake the regenerative process, affecting the formation that becomes feeble, painful and immobilized. The stem cells are of several kinds, thought the stem cells that are specifically for healing the torn tendons, muscle, ligaments cartilage and bones are harvested from the bone marrow
The stem cells therapy for hip joint pain

The stem cell therapy is a non surgical procedure and can be done within a few hours, that produces the workable choice for the patients facing surgery for hip joint or hip joint replacement. With the less painful stem cell therapy the patient’s quickly return to their normal routine soon after the procedure, the stem cell allows the patients to prevent from painful and long term recovery periods after a hip joint surgery and aid in regaining strength, flexibility and increased range of motion. The stem cell therapy facilitates patients to become less accessible to severe risk associated traumatic hip joint surgeries such as infections and blood clots
How Are The Stem Cells Obtained?

As the human body is active in supply of stem cells to heal any injury or damage caused by the degeneration of tissues, hence it becomes adequately simple to harvest them for therapeutic purpose, these stem cells are stored in the marrow capacity of your bones, for the purpose of harvesting the stem cell the hip bone is most appropriate. The process is done in the physician’s office under the guidance of an ultrasound or X-ray to attain accuracy. The patient is guided to lay on the stomach as the physician thoroughly cleans the area to be treated before the numbing of the skin and the hip bone, a special type of needle is infused into the bone to take the blood from bone marrow, which contains the stem cells, these injections are well tolerable for the patients and are not taken as painful. The taken blood is spun in a high speed centrifuge where the stem cells are concentrated and the cells that are not needed are separated. The concentrated cells are injected again in the hip joint to facilitate healing in 3 to 5 days

If you are experiencing chronic hip joint pain, hip joint injury or any symptoms of osteoarthritis you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy in the hip joint

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