Get the best results for hair loss, with PRP treatment

  July 24th 2017    Blog

In this great scientific breakthrough researchers are able to regrow hairs for the patients undergoing hair loss problems by simple simple platelet rich plasma therapy. PRP treatment is no new to scientific research, but the scientist are now able to extract its promising role in hair restoration treatment


The hair restoration treatment involves taking blood from the patient’s body and spinning it in a centrifuge to extract the plasma from the red and white cells. In the Centrifugation process nutrients and growth factors,including proteins are added to the sample and then injected into the skin where the hair is lost. Since the procedure is non invasive and only handled with local anesthesia. During the process a little pain and pin point bleeding the patient will experience however it will be recovered within few hours

In the case of hair restoration treatment platelet rich plasma therapy stimulates the retarded or new hair follicles to provoke hair restoration process causing hair to regrow again

Candidates for PRP

The patients suffering from any hereditary disease such as Andorgenetic Alocopethia that leads to hair thinning and  loss among  men or women

Moreover, a disease found among women commonly known as Traction Alopecia leading to hair loss and hair thinning caused by too tight ponytails, braids and styles that pluck hairs out of their follicles. According to experts PRP is an ideal hair restoration treatment for the candidates who have recently started loosing hairs. Platelet rich plasma therapy does not guarantee hair restoration for the candidates who have gone completely bald.

Side effects

Since platelet rich plasma therapy uses your own blood to treat hair restoration you will not experience any noticeable side effects neither any reactions. Research has proven that PRP therapy has brought great wonders to males and females as hair restoration treatment

Just after the injections a mild inflammation is reported by the patients, but it lasts within 1 day. In very few rare cases,  patients may experience a headache

Recovery time

PRP hair treatment has very less recovery time, you can immediately go to work with visible growth factors. You might experience a little pain or discomfort soon after the hair restoration treatment, but it will show you striking growth factors as your body produces new tissues

How long it will last

On an average hair restoration treatment with PRP lasts almost 1 year and repeated therapies are required in order to gain desired results

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