Heal Your Knee Injuries With PRP Therapy!!

  September 20th 2016    Blog

It usually happens that the athletes or the people very much active are often struck by injuries; a knee injury, a head or some shoulder injury that would lose their enthusiasm in the game and refrain them from being fully active like they used to be. One of the most common knee injury is said to be a meniscus tear that is said to be a fibrous cartilage acting as the stabilizing component for the knee.

This joint is responsible for easing a person’s walking, bending, climbing and running positions. The reason behind this is the overuse of the muscles or as a result of some part forcefully twisted or stretched.

People who don’t know anything about Platelet rich plasma therapy and its merits of healing numerous individuals often opt for surgical methods thinking that they would soon be back to normal with all their energies restored.

PRP Therapy For Knee treatment

You will only understand the value of PRP treatment when you will opt for it. Today, there are a number of athletes that have fought their serious injuries with the help of this treatment and have managed to resume their passion with gull zeal and zest.

PRP – A first line treatment for knee injury

Today, several studies and researches have validated that platelet rich plasma treatment for knee injuries are considered to be as the first and foremost option that results in gifting the patients with restored health.

After diagnosing the affected area, cells are injected there that immediately start the healing process. Adding to this the platelets present in blood cells contain a number of growth factors and proteins. It has also been found that with PRP knee treatment the meniscal cell proliferation in increased by 800%.

The Growth Factors

After the platelets are injected into the affected area, the growth factors are enhanced which comprise of three stages namely inflammatory, fibroblastic and maturation. The process of healing meniscus solely depends upon the growth factors, reason being the low cellularity of the meniscus.

Today, considering numerous benefits it has been found that PRP knee treatment is the best solution, assisting the patients to return fit and healthy back to the athletic sports.

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