Healing A Meniscus Tear With Stem Cell

  September 30th 2015    Blog

Let’s Explore Meniscus

The Meniscus is known as shock absorber of the knee joint as well as spacer that are to protect the cartilage, which covers the top of the femur and the tibia bone naturally. This is done by giving the force equally across your joint. The meniscus is made by living fibro-cartilage tissue. Every knee owns two menisci, a medical meniscus, which is nearer to the inside of the body, and second one is the lateral meniscus, which is nearer to the outside of the body. The medial meniscus is much vulnerable to injury than the lateral one for biomechanical reasons.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help You?

Knee meniscus tear is the most common knee injury, which is treated in many clinics. Stem cell treatment for meniscus tears comprises of the ability of being less invasive and same-day injection procedure. It helps in healing the injured tissue and allows you to avoid the painful and long recovery that is the attribute of traditional surgery. In the Stem cell treatment, healing power of your own stem cells and platelets are used in order to help in the healing of the tissue.

Surgery Does Not Give The Best Results!!

It has been noticed that mostly meniscus surgery does not properly repair the meniscus, and it removes the torn piece. Research has confirmed that removing the parts of the meniscus cause the arthritis. The recent research shows that meniscus surgery is no longer an effective treatment option than Stem cell treatment, as it comprises of no negative impact and zero side-affects.

Stem Cells Are Inserted, Where They Are Needed

The treatment procedure is performed under a C-Arm Flouroscopy or a high level ultrasound imaging guidance in order to ensure that stem cells are being inserted exactly the same area where they are needed. Using high level ultrasound imaging insures the success of this specific treatment.


Finding the right clinic is always critical, and that is why you have to have the strong reason of selecting any clinic for acquiring stem cell treatment. The best clinic owns the best research lab for getting the best out of stem cells in order to treat patients perfectly, and this is what Chicago Stem Cell therapy has, and this makes it the right clinic for acquiring this effective treatment for injuries. So do not waste your time and contact on this 815-464-7212 for an appointment.

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