Here Is the Essential Guide To Stem Cell Therapy!!

  September 17th 2016    Blog

The most popular cure today that is used to treat and prevent certain diseases and conditions, give the athletes back their enthusiasm to perform excellently in sports and attract all the surgery patients towards it is none other than stem cell therapy. Many out there reading this must be the first ones hearing about stem cells. For them we have elaborated a little bit as under.

What Are Stem Cells?

Having the potential to become any type of stem cells in the body, they have the self renewing ability as well as forming into other types of stem cells. They can become the cells of heart, bones, skin, muscles, brain, blood etc. Way back, with in depth research it was predicted that stem cell therapy will be used to fight numerous other diseases. And, today this prediction is proved, as without the chance of any side effects, several diseases and patient’s worse conditions are treated effectively.

Let’s explore the stem cell types!!

Pluripotent Stem Cells

These cells divide for longer periods and have the capacity of converting into all cell types within the organism. One of the best known pluripotent stem cell is the one present in the embryos within the womb and assists in a baby’s growth.

Fatal Stem cells

Also known as progenitor cells, these are developed from the human fetus. Adding to this, these are the cells that carry the characteristics of the area they are taken from, such as when taken from fetal muscles they are then involved in making only the muscle cells.

Adult stem cells

As the name suggests, these tissues are obtained from the adult body. The main example of the body part containing such stem cells is said to be the bone marrow. Inside the bones of the body, it is said to be the area that is very rich in stem cells and thus is used to treat the blood diseases or cancers.

What are the properties of stem cells:

Stem cell therapy, came into being because of stem cell’s unique properties that when injected into the affected heal it efficiently. The properties are as follows:

  • They are unspecialized and basic cells
  • They have the capability of self renewal and dividing for longer periods
  • To any type of specialized cell, stem cells can be raised

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