Here is Why You Should Try PRP for Facial Rejuvenation!!

  November 2nd 2016    Blog

Worried about your bad skin condition, as what remedy in the world would cure your wrinkles, your tired eyes, reverse the signs of aging and treat the acne marks which altogether make you diffident about your own self? Say, no to the usual medications, the creams that you used to use thinking that they would erase all the marks on your face. It is time to go for a process that would serve as a full skin care solution that will in turn enhance your body’s naturally healing activity thereby treating the all the imperfections of the skin.

In the bio facial skin rejuvenation process, your physician will extract a sample of the blood thus separating the platelets and the blood plasma from the red blood cells. This will in turn create the platelet rich plasma, which will help rejuvenate the skin giving it a healthier and desired look.

The many Benefits of the Process

With PRP’s bio facial skin rejuvenation process, you will be able to enjoy the below benefits:

It is Quick!!

Once you choose to opt for this process, you will get to know that the entire process will be completed in 30 minutes. The moment, the healing and the growth factors are triggered the epidermis will be remodelled and the appearance and the texture of the skin will be enhanced. Slowly and gradually, collagen production will be started. All in all the results will be shown within the first week of the treatment.

It is Non-Invasive

The procedure starts with the extraction of a patient’s own blood that is then injected into the area of the affected site. After the injections are completed a serum is applied that will help rejuvenate the skin further.

It is long lasting

For best results, your physician will recommend you three or four bio facial skin rejuvenation treatments, whose benefits will be observed for 18 months or more. That is, the treatment will be long lasting.

Your confidence will be Restored

The clearer your skin, the more confident you will be attending any parties or visiting any meetings. The absence of any marks on your face will thus make you more confident gifting your face an overall natural and improved skin tone.

In case you or any of your loved one is suffering from the facial issues and looking for a safe and cost-effective treatment, get a professional advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at 815-464-7212. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician who has been practicing bio facial skin rejuvenation therapies for the past several years with remarkable results.

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