Hip Replacement, hip surgery and other possible choices

  August 22nd 2017    Blog


Hip pain can be very painful to manage with daily basis and commonly needs long term pain controlling if the problem persists. Hip replacement surgery, hip surgery and hip resurfacing are generally the only medical choice patient is left with to manage their incapacitate pain. Hip surgeries are particularly very frightful and are mostly followed by months of agonizing and distress while persevering to regenerate strength and mobilization

There are several options you can undergo to avoid total hip replacement surgery, Hip replacement surgery is never so necessary, however, it can be an alternative that people can opt for if there is the right time, even for the patients who have severe arthritis but can function adequately can choose to continue with the same condition. There are several nonsurgical treatments that can help people in overcoming such condition. Hip replacement surgery is not an immediate treatment, and mostly there is no harm if you delay the surgery until you feel the right time has arrived. However, there are some special cases, but for some individuals’ hip replacement surgery is the first choice

Non surgical treatments

The patients can opt for the non surgical treatments which can avoid total hip replacement surgery, among these are physical therapy, walking aids, nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections and joint strengthening supplements.

Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is another choice for the patients with severe arthritis, in hip resurfacing surgery the insert is smaller and the less normal bone is removed.the hip resurfacing surgery is most popular among the youngsters, the procedure is carried with as small amount of bone removed from the ball and the socket of the hip joint and a metal cap is placed on the top of the ball. The metal cap is placed similar to hip replacement surgery, but hip resurfacing saves more of the normal hip bone

Partial hip replacement

A partial hip replacement is a commonly performed procedure, but it is not effective for hip arthritis, during the partial hip replacement the ball of the ball and socket joint is replaced. The treatment is effective for particular type hip fractures in case if the ball of the hip is damaged


Resection arthroplasty is a procedure for alternative to hip replacement in which the bone around the hip joint is removed and the space is filled with scar tissues. This alternative method is allowed for the patients who have infections that can not be treated and they can not walk normally

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