How stem cells are effective in shoulder pain

  September 12th 2017    Blog

The people who experience shoulder pain, there is a leading edge therapy that offers the patient’s to get rid of chronic shoulder pain and regain the movement of the shoulder without any surgical approach and long termed physical therapy, by combining the established medicines with regenerative medicines, body’s natural ability to heal the damaged tissues and joints can be utilized to ease shoulder pain and help reclaim mobility with in least recovery time  as compared to the surgery

How Stem Cell Injections work For Shoulder Pain

The stem cell injections for shoulder pain is a procedure that only takes a few hours to complete hence the patient does not need to stay at the hospital for the whole night

The procedure starts with collecting the stem cell from the patient’s bone marrow, as the stem cells have the ability to heal the body naturally, they can easily reconstruct and remodel themselves into the type of cells and tissues that are critically required at the site of damaged joints and muscles in the shoulder

Once the stem cells are collected centrifugation is done to enrich the stem cells with the regenerative properties, then the stem cells are injected directly into the affected area of the shoulder, with the help of an x-ray or ultrasound to guide the needle into the correct place, soon after the cells are injected the process of healing the joints and tissues in the shoulder starts and the patient is allowed to return home

In most cases the patients get satisfied with a single stem cell injections and the pain is quickly relieved and never returns for the rest of the life, but in rare cases, if the shoulders are severely damaged more stem cell injections are required, along with  the stem cell injection PRP injections are also given to re energize the stem cell and increase the healing process

Conditions Treated By Stem Cell Injections

The shoulder conditions and injuries that are successfully treated with stem cell therapy are;

  • Rotator cuff
  • Biceps tendinosis
  • Chronic ligament sprain

When Do I See Results?

The results for stem cell injections are not noticeable at the initial stage, but it will take time for the shoulder  to heal properly, commonly the responses are seen within three weeks, most patients will experience pain relief, the pain will completely reduce within a couple of months as the stem cells are working on healing the shoulder

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