How to find the right Orthopedic Stem Cell specialist for your chronic injuries?

  July 9th 2015    Blog

Visit the right specialist for your orthopedic injuries

There has been a very high level of in using stem cells to treat many orthopedic conditions, like knee osteoarthritis, hip arthritis, rotator cuff and various chronic pains for few years. Choosing the experienced Regenerative orthopedic specialist is crucial to receive safe and effective treatment. Best Regenerative Orthopedic specialist knows how to use stem cells productively and safely, this is why we recommend you to visit the specialist who has the experience of using stem cells effectively.

Who should opt for stem cell treatment?

Those who suffer from acute pain or orthopedic injuries should consider stem cells as the right option of treatment for their painful conditions. Stem cells have totally changed way of treating conditions such as knee injury, hip injury and many chronic pains with hundred percent successful results. As stem cell is still a new option of treatment, it has to be improved more by more medical advancements to become more successful treatment option. There is a big difference in the quality of Regenerative orthopedic treatments with stem cells.  It leaves vast impact on the success or outcomes of the stem cell treatment. As you wish to acquire stem cell treatment option, it will make you understand what you have to look for in terms of both stem cell treatment and injection treatment, so you will be able to decide when to choose your doctor.

Two main effective factors of orthopedic stem cell treatment

There are to effective factors of an orthopedic stem cell treatment and that increases the success of this particular treatment. One is the potency of the stem cells for instance the number and quality of stem cells. Second is the capability of the injection specialist to take the stem cells to the injured area or degenerated structure as close as it is possible.

Characteristics of stem cells

As stem cells become very effective in regenerating orthopedic structures, the right source of taking stem cells is patient’s own autologous fat and it is significantly best approach. Many experienced doctors believe that bone marrow aspirations are invasive and do not give significant results. For many patients it is recommended that they acquire low-pressure syringe aspiration of at least 6ccs of abdominal fat. This aspiration technique has to be done perfectly to save the viability and vigor of the mesenchymal stem cells.


The stem cells have really help doctors to offer the effective and successful treatments for chronic injuries to patients. When it comes to orthopedic conditions, stem cells have proven its role in eliminating those conditions. Stem cells have the quality to solve orthopedic conditions entirely. We recommend you to visit the specialist who owns proper training of using the stem cells for treating chronic and orthopedic injuries.