Is PRP a revolutionary medicinal choice?

  October 24th 2017    Blog

Platelet rich plasma therapy, often called PRP is a revolutionary non invasive treatment option that relieves pain by naturally promoting the permanent healing of musculoskeletal conditions. The platelet rich plasma therapy has potential popularity among the athletic professionals and performing intense activity individuals. Platelet rich plasma therapy has contributed to the many athletic injuries allowing them to carry on with their routinely activities and championship with least or no pain. This speedy development has been proven as promising for several conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, muscle spasms and tears

The PRP therapy provides patients with long term relief by stimulating the body’s natural healing phenomena. The platelet rich plasma as compared to other pain killers and pain injections does not provide a short term relief
What is platelet rich plasma?

The platelet rich plasma is obtained by the patient’s own blood that is spun into a high speed centrifuge separating the platelet plasma and other components of the blood that are not necessarily required. The platelets are rich in growth factors and have the ability that instantly relieves pain and stimulates the healing process. The growth factors released by platelet rich plasma facilitate soft tissue healing, enhance the tissue repair and supply reparative cells

Platelet rich plasma has proven its benefits in surgeries such as rotator cuff and Achilles tendon repair additionally it has proven to be best for treating the spinal ligaments, facet joints and disc problems
The conditions that are well treated with platelet rich plasma

The platelet rich plasma addresses most effectively for chronic ligaments and tendon sprains that has been unsuccessful by other non invasive surgeries

Lumbar spine disc pain
Rotator cuff injuries,
Shoulder pain
Tennis and golfer’s elbow
Hip strains
Knee sprains
Ankle sprains
Knee, hip, and other joint osteoarthritis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Lumbar and cervical facet dysfunction and pain
Knee arthritis
Hip joint arthritis
Shoulder arthritis
Ankle arthritis

Risks and complications

Since Platelet rich plasma has been taken from your own blood, so there are no risks of allergic reactions. However, any procedure that is carried out with the help of a needle may bring some side effects that can be easily governed. Some complications may include infection, bleeding and pinched nerve. The Platelete rich plasma is not considered the first and foremost treatment, it can be opted when other traditional treatments have failed