Is Stem Cell Treatment For Knees A Good Option Or A Knees Replacement Surgery?

  January 31st 2019    Blog

First, let’s find out what stem cells are, in case, you are not familiar. Adult stem cells are cells from our own body that possess an ability to renew themselves and transform into different cells whenever needed. They reside inside human bodies in a form of different tissues, ready to jump vigorously to fix injury as it happens. However, as we age or go through extreme injuries, the human body will most likely be unable to recruit sufficient of these cells to the site to completely fix the area.
Chicago Stem Cell Therapy offers the stem cell treatment in order to deal with this issue by extracting stem cells from a site of high volume, after that concentrating the cells and reinjecting them into the injured site with an objective to enable the body to recuperate naturally faster than usual. Chicago Stem Cell Therapy offers various stem cell treatments for conditions that include arthritis and other conditions that might be more critical.

Risks and Benefits Associated With Stem Cell Treatment for Knees

We’re as of now aware of a number of risks related to knee replacement surgery. They’re enormous and terrifying. On the other hand, when you pick stem cell treatment for knees as a substitute for knee replacement, conversely, a large portion of those risks vanish.
The greatest risk you are most likely to encounter is the danger of infection, yet that is extremely uncommon in light of the fact that the procedure is so minimally invasive.
On the contrary, the advantages of stem cell treatment for knees are immense. They are listed below:
• Every stem cell treatment is generally fast, particularly contrasted with surgical procedures.

• Chicago Stem Cell Therapy possesses the advanced equipment and the outpatient procedure can be done on the same day (a couple of hours, to be more specific).

• The treatments cost reasonable.

• The initial session, test, and treatment planning are done at the best possible lowest costs with an objective to lessen the treatment expenses.

Stem Cell Treatment for Knees Is Natural

Specialists don’t create synthetic stem cells. They don’t even utilize donor cells from embryos or other grown-ups. Rather, they utilize the patient’s own stem cells. They actually take the patient’s own stem cells from one site in the body and inject them into the patient’s knees or other injured areas. Also, the whole treatment is done in one sitting.

Recovery Time Is Minimum

In the case of the surgery, the recuperation time can keep going for a considerable length of time, a large number of which you go through immobile or with your agility seriously restricted. On the other hand, with stem cell therapy for knees, this isn’t the situation. Patients walk in and easily walk out of the procedure on their own, and their everyday schedule can remain the same. In a few weeks, patients start to observe increased activity levels and accomplish more on their own!

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