Jack Nicklaus: back on the field with stem cell therapy

  July 17th 2019    
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The advantages of Stem cell therapy and its contributions to the healthcare industry are increasing with time. It has proved even more beneficial in sports. Many athletes have been able to achieve access even after being injured and have made their countries proud. Stem cell therapy has helped many athletes to have a fast recovery.
Jack Nicklaus is a well-known name among golfers and among the lovers of the sport. Jack Nicklaus went through a surgery jus just days before his fundraising even for his charitable trust which was designed to benefits children health. For years, the golf player was having back pain and the pain was not ignorable because of its high scale. The player went through many therapies and different types of injected treatments so deal with the pain. Jack Nicklaus even went through back surgery so that he can get relief from the pain, however, all the treatments proved unsuccessful in curing the back pain issue.
Back pain is a common issue which golfers deal with. But the scale of the pain which Jack Nicklaus was bear, was very high. The unbearable pain made the golfer agreeable with trying each and every procedure as long as he gets relief from the pain in the end. Not being able to stand on the golf field for more than 10 minutes was too much for the player who was rewarded for Presidential Medal of Freedom and Congressional Gold Medal for his achievements in the golf field. Jack Nicklaus was pitched about stem cell therapy by a German specialist Dr. Eckhard Alt. this treatment was suggested to golf player just as an experiment, however, in the end, the results came out to be exceptional and the treatment proved successful.
Jack Nicklaus gave his opinions about the surgery and stated that the only pain he felt during the whole procedure was of the liposuction.
Stem cell therapy is a process in which doctor do liposuction to extract stem cell so that they can inject the damaged or injured part of the body to cure the pain. During the process, Jack Nicklaus was given 14 injections on different parts of his back and lower back to cure his pain completely. Jack Nicklaus was having these issues for decades even before he became a professional golf player. He started having back pain at the age of 19.
As per the doctors, the reason for the back pain of Jack Nicklaus was the facet joint syndrome. As per the doctors of Jack Nicklaus, the stem cell therapy seemed to be the most appropriate treatment to cure this old medical issue of the player because all other treatments have some meager of risk attached to them.
Jack Nicklaus is not the only athlete or sports personality who had opted for stem cell therapy. There are many others who opted for this treatment. Jack Nicklaus as far as saying that he wants the authorities to invest in further research for the therapy because it does have benefits for sports personalities.
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