Kim Kardashian puts on airs the stunning results of Bio Facial skin rejuvenation

  January 16th 2018    Blog

Kim Karadashian has undergone one. So, seemingly have other ladies in the United States. A couple of years ago when I witnessed Kim Karadishian getting the bio facial skin rejuvenation on air, I knew that one day the time would come when I would want to do the same.

So, no surprise here, the time finally arrived when I was determined to get bloody

I traveled to the Chicago Stem Cell Therapy Center and met Dr. Ayesha Akber, MD, board certified anti-aging specialist and bio facial giver

She explained me the detail on what typically a bio facial is. The Bio facial uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, which means injecting your own blood back into your face by the means of very tiny needles. This bio facial aids the skin appears as more rejuvenated, reducing the fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and other aging signs.

Dr. Ayesha Akber initiated the procedure by applying a numbing ointment on my face as she is highly concerned with her patient’s comfort, then she drawn a couple vials of blood from my arm, she placed it into the centrifuge, where the blood was spun and separated out the plasma and platelets from the other blood components. She then injected with precision and her firm yet gentle most hands, back into my face. For exceptional absorption, Dr.Ayesha stroke my face all over with a bunch of micro needles prior to applying the PRP

The idea behind the Bio Facial skin rejuvenation is that they infuse the skin with platelets, which equip growth factors, known to be helpful in wound healing. Dr. Ayesha Akber, MD, explains “The growth factors may provoke new collagen production in the face. Collagen is the protein in skin that keeps the cheeks young, firm and taut”

In her practice, she also offers injections such as Botox and Restylane for smoothing wrinkles and also Bio Facial skin rejuvenation is her most trusted treatment for signs of aging

Treating the skin with needles most of the times has the risk of infections, however, Dr Ayesha Akber believe that would be potentially perilous if people receive the procedure with the technicians having lower expertise.

Side effects include small bruises, Dr. Ayesha Akber mentioned, infections at the point where the needles are inserted, but added she hadn’t observed that in her own patients

There are several injections prescribed by FDA for reducing wrinkles temporarily and filling the face to look younger. Some of the better known names are Botox, Restylane and Juvederm, and lots of others. Dr. Ayesha Akber says: “The reasons to use platelet rich plasma instead of other injections is that the Platelet Rich Plasma is natural and doesn’t carry the risk of allergy or rejection, as it’s your own blood”