Knee replacement surgery, the best option for knee pain

  July 19th 2017    Blog

If you are feeling difficulty in performing your daily activities and routinely tasks. If it has become a problem for you to climb the stairs, walk the dog or simply get out of bed. You have undergone several treatments, injections and therapies, but still no progress, think again it’s a time for knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is also known as Arthroplasty is one of the most practiced treatment for knee pain caused by arthritis, it will help in relaxing the immobility of the  knee caused by severe arthritis and pain

How the procedure is performed?

 The surgery is done by cutting carefully the injured part of the knee with a sharp instrument and substituting it with metal or plastic instrument. The instrument is then attached with acrylic cement to the shin, thigh bone and knee cap

The need for surgery

The most common reason for knee replacement surgery is Osteoarthritis- condition that occurs in later age when the cartilage between the knee joint breaks other reasons might include;

Rheumatoid arthritis

Occurs when the body’s immune system weakens and damage the lining of the knee


People suffering from curved legs or deformed knees can also opt for knee replacement surgery to restore the correct shape of their legs

Knee injuries

knee replacement surgery can be helpful in certain injuries leading to knee fracture or damage of the tissues, resulting in unbearable pain and immobility of the knee joint

Restrained blood flow

If a patient suffers from loss of blood flow to the knee joints due to any blockage in the  veins, which is commonly known as Osteonecrosis, knee replacement surgery is advised by the clinicians

Different Types of Surgery

Knee replacement surgery can be performed in four different methods depending on the severity of the condition,

Whole knee replacement

This is the most practiced form of knee replacement surgery. During this process the superficial of the shin bone and the thigh bone is replaced that joins with the knee

One sided knee replacement

This surgery is performed with smaller incisions as compared to the total knee replacement procedure, but it is only recommended if you have strong knee tendons. This surgery is performed in the case, if arthritis have attacked your partial knee

Kneecap replacement

In most cases, several physicians contradict with this procedure and the success if the total knee replacement procedure prevails over this method. This method is done by replacing the underside of the knee cap barely

 Revision knee replacement

This procedure is performed if other surgeries are getting no success and your problem persists. In the case of severe arthritis you are advised to undergo this procedure if you already had two or three surgeries

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