Knee Stem cell Therapy – Questions you should know about!!

  November 4th 2016    Blog

With the passage of time, the most concerning thing for many out there is getting injured or going through different bodily pains. Reason being, in case of any injury it becomes very much difficult for the area to heal in a short span of time. Moreover, if a person in his fifty’s or sixty’s is facing chronic shoulder or knee pain then adding to the age related issues they become even more down and are only restricted to their rooms for frequent resting. This might be because their joints might have worn out due to the development of osteoarthritis which is said to be as the obliteration of cartilage which is the only source of support for the joints.

How will stem cells heal the knee problems?

Your body has the natural behaviour of healing the bodily injuries by itself. But there are some injuries that fall prey to the age factor and thus take greater amount of time for healing. As you that stem cell therapy is all about the treatment of a body’s own stem cells, this altogether accelerates the healing capacity of the body.

In our body, where are the stem cells?

Stem cells in the body can be found in different parts of the body but more importantly they can be found in the bone marrow. If you are suffering from chronic knee pain or knee injury, then cells are harvested from a patient’s bone marrow for the appropriate treatment.

How I know If I am A Candidate?

Patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee and those who have witnessed a failure in different medications, injections or physical therapies for the purpose of curing some knee injury are the right candidates for stem cell injections.

Who shouldn’t Opt for stem cell treatment?

Patients should have complete awareness about their condition that whether they should opt for the stem cell treatment or not. Mentioned below are the patients that shouldn’t opt for it:

  • A patient suffering from blood borne cancer such as leukemia
  • Patient who is in a habit of using high doses of Coumadin
  • In case the patients are suffering from several medical issues
  • Patients who are the victims of other blood related disease

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