Michael Schumacher Undergoes Stem Cell Therapy For His Traumatic Brain Injury

  November 11th 2019    
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Michael Schumacher is a famous German racing driver. He raced in Formula One (highest class of single-seated auto racing sanctioned by the FIA and owned by the Formula One Group). The FIA Formula One World Championship has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world since 1950. Michael Schumacher is the only driver in the history of racing to win seven Formula One World Championships, among five of which he won consecutively. According to the official Formula One website Michael Schumacher was “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen” at the time of his retirement at 2012 from the sport.
On 29 December 2013 Michael Schumacher suffered a traumatic or near-fatal brain injury in a skiing accident in the French Alps. His condition has since stabilized after being placed in medically induced coma for six months until 16 June 2014. On 9 September 2014, Schumacher was shifted to his home where he continues to receive medical treatment and rehabilitation privately. As of 2016, Schumacher remained unable to walk or stand and in July 2019, former Ferrari manager, Jean Todt said that Schumacher was making good progress but also struggles and has difficulty to communicate.
On September 2019, Michael Schumacher has received a pioneering stem cell treatment for his heart failure. He received treatment by well-known clinical cardiac surgeon, Philippe Menasché.

How stem cell therapy helped Michael Schumacher?

Stem cells have been referred to as the building blocks of life. Stem cells are unique and extremely powerful. These cells are unspecialized which means that they can divide and differentiate into various cell types, including muscle, brain, and blood cells.
Stem cell therapy is a type of regenerative medicine which promotes the repair, regrowth and regeneration of damaged or diseased tissue within the human body. Stem cells essentially target the damaged area and develop into the cells that are needed to recover.
The heart is one of the most complex and vital organs contained within the human body and is comprised primarily of cardiac muscles cells called cardiomyocytes. These cells have very little regenerative capabilities and are often unable to heal on their own unless a heart transplant is performed.
However, thanks to incredible advance stem cells treatments which are now offers a way to supply the damaged area of the heart with stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes that replace damaged tissue with healthy, beating tissue.
Schumacher’s surgeon Menasché embedded millions of stem cells in a ‘patch’ attached to the heart of Schumacher which enabled a new layer of healthy heart muscle to grow and leading to a significant increase in heart muscle strength and function.
The treatment was an overall success, resulting in improvements to the Schumacher’s condition and creating a momentous victory within the medical landscape.

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