Overcome your Knee Injury With PRP Therapy!!

  January 13th 2017    Blog

Today, 50 percent of the injuries that the people are facing are because of knee. Moreover in some cases arthritis and osteoarthritis is also said to be reason that the people are subjected to long term issues related to their knees. The adults that are going through osteoarthritis have more chances of getting their knee affected leading them to some serious problem.

Normally, it has been observed that the traditional or the conservative treatments are of no use as they do not show any progression or relief for the disease. People are not at all convinced by some measures, moreover if some opt for the surgical methods then there is a complete risk as to whether the procedure will lead them to pain alleviation following a quick recovery or not. There is no guarantee after such processes that the patient’s functional ability will be enhanced or not.

Here Comes PRP!!

On the other hand, the name of the treatment that is gaining the utmost limelight with its success stories is known as PRP knee treatment. Today, the injured area is treated with platelet rich plasma, which is described as a combination of the platelets through which the growth factors naturally found in the blood are further enhanced.

The work of PRP therapy starts by providing the requisite nourishment as well as support to the stem cells that in turn differentiates the cells that are in need of proper healing. With PRP therapy, not only nourishment is provided to the injected stem cells but the other cells are diverted towards the healing of the damaged area thus healing the knee injury.

Knee Joint

There are two large bones, held together with ligaments which makes up the knee joint. The cartilage, bony structure and tendons are responsible for providing stability the joint. When a person gets struck by a knee injury, the most common reason behind it are the ligament tears or the worn down cartilages. In the end of, for say; a knee injury, the patient starts suffering from knee pain that eventually leads to functional disability.

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